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06-21-2003, 04:46 AM
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I'm having a lot of success with CDVD conversions for my Cyberhome500 via KDVD and TMPGEnc Author. I realize that many DVD players will not handle DVD formats burned onto CD's, so this may not be a universal subject. I find the quality and sound to be very good, in addition to allowing DVD features.

I need to know the most practical way for converting VOB files to MPEG2 files without reencodeing in order to allow later conversion to SVCD's if desired (for compatibiliy with other players). These DVD files have already been "CQed" in KDVD to fit on 2 CD's, muxed with TMPGEnc Author, imaged with ImgTool and burned with Nero.

Also, as prediction is a bit erratic and sometimes requires 2 or more encodes to arrive at maximum CQ, would it be better to target CQ at 20% higher and use DVD2ONE to adjust to the 700MB final file sizes? I presently premux with BBMPEG as DVD to size and split into two equal sized M2V and MP2 files prior to remuxing with TMPGEnc Author. Would quality suffer if I went this route?
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06-21-2003, 11:12 AM
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hi nick..

If you VALUE your source (and your time) then I would not proceed. But,
otherwise, it couldn't hurt to try it out for yourself.

Note, as for the later part, if you're gonna go this route, then you MUST
sample the whole Movie in its entirety, cause if you don't, you'll end up
discovering that dvd2one did not do such a good job after all.. in other
words, you'll end up regreting it either way, cause the bottom line is like
this, you re-encoded yet again, no matter how small dvd2one taints the
source.. and you really don't know for sure what dvd2one is really doing
to the source. So, if it's VALUE source you want to keep (and your time
and effort) I'd rather work out my CQ issues as well as Quality and go w/
that route instead.. that's if VALUE is your main concirn.

Good luck w/ your experiments
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06-21-2003, 05:31 PM
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I guess I'll stay with my present methods. I do stay in the CQ70's or so, and the quality is quite good. If I use 1500 instead of 1600 for size of 2 CD's during prediction, it usually works out ok. You just can't beat Kwag's KDVD template for quality and compatibility.
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