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dazedconfused 06-25-2003 12:48 AM

Looking for a KVCD/48Khz Compatible Player
Hi guys,

I've got a friend (in the U.S.) who is looking to purchase a KVCD-compatible dvd player which will also support KVCD files muxed with 48Khz audio. Preferrably, this player would be able to play all of the standard KVCD templates (with their usual 23.97fps framerate and 44.1Khz audio), as well as the slight modifications that some people need to use to get the KVCD templates to play properly on their players (such as the 544x480 x3 template resolution and using 29.97fps framerate for ntsc material instead of 23.97fps). It would be nice if this player would play KVCDs without the "glitchyness" problem during credits or dark scenes that plagues some players and also without needing any higher-than-normal minimum bitrate settings for proper playback (higher than the standard 300kbps kvcd template minimum).

Basically, what he's looking for is a player that "does it all" when it comes to KVCD and XVCD (aren't we all?!). The "holy grail" of KVCD players, if you will :lol: .

If anyone has some firsthand experience with KVCDs and such a player, I'd appreciate it if you could post the brand/model# here. The more players listed here by you guys, the more likely he'll be able to find one and be a happy camper :wink: . I really don't want to have to turn to dvdrhelp's user-reports or speculative guessing to find one for him, so I'm hoping that someone here within the kvcd community has some experience with just such a player.


Jellygoose 06-25-2003 02:11 AM

Ok, If your friend wouldn't live in the U.S, I'd recommend to get the Cyberhome CH-DV 550.
I can confirm it plays EVERYTHING, and the picture quality is just superb. I cannot distinguish picture quality from my Sony Player.
PLUS: It's super cheap here in Europe. I paid 106 Euros for it, and am completely satisfied. I tested SVCDs, XVCDs, all with VBR, and bitrate below 300 and up to 10000kb. No problem, no glitches, no jerkiness.
Best player in my eyes. I don't know if it's available in the US though... :roll:

DKruskie 06-25-2003 08:16 AM

I would go with the CyberHome CH-DVD 300, it has played everything that I have thrown at it. Radio Shack has it for $48(with a $10 mail in rebate) I so was happy with the way it performed that I bought another one :!:


dazedconfused 06-26-2003 08:52 PM

Thanks for the recommendations guys! :) Cyberhome sounds like an ideal candidate...good AND cheap! Plus, if you step outside of your house (in the U.S., that is) and throw a rock as far as you can, you'll likely hit a RadioShack store with it (or a StarBucks coffee shop) :lol: Shouldn't be too hard for him to find one. :wink:


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