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vico1 07-18-2003 06:04 PM

Lite-On LVD-2001 playback formats?
Lite-On LVD 2001:

This baby looks like it plays a whole slewwwww of formats...
wonder if it`ll do ours... 8)

From the review:... 8O ... 8O ... 8O

The LVD-2001 is packed full of features, mainly the memory card reader and the MPEG-4 playback, which is complete revolution for the home entertainment market. XVid, which is similar to MPEG-4, is also supported. The player also has MP3, WMA, MPEG-2, and MPEG-1 playback, really making it much different then your average DVD player.

The LVD-2001 is one of the very few DVD players that allows anyone to burn this MPEG-4 file onto a CD and put it in the player to watch it right on the TV. Without MPEG-4 playback on a DVD player, it takes users hours of converting the MPEG-4 video into a suitable format. This makes the process quick, easy, and very effective. The LVD-2001 supports DiVx 3.11 to DiVx 5, quite a wide compatibility range.

The LVD-2001 also allows you to insert a memory card reader to view pictures from your digital camera right on your TV. While I was provided with a CompactFlash reader, Lite-On offers a 4-type memory reader, which supports all of the main memory types. Itís very easy to do, just put the memory card in, and youíre ready to go. The player has its fair share of connections. The LVD-2001 has composite, S-Video, as well as composite video. Youíll also find digital audio out and optical out audio. The LVD-2001 also features Progressive Scan playback for TVís that support the high resolution, but I was unable to test that because I didnít have a high resolution TV for testing. Progressive Scan DVD players do improve playback of movies, but if you do have a TV that supports Progressive Scan and you pick up the LVD-2001, or any other PS DVD Player, then donít expect a huge difference in quality from the regular interlaced picture. While the difference is there, it is not very noticeable. The drive also had features such as 4X Zoom, and bookmarks. I thought that the Dimmer feature was cool. When that button was pressed on the remote, the LED on the player would dim down, so it doesnít stand out while you watch movies. There was one thing that drove me crazy about the player. Whenever the player was turned off, the power light turned on, and when the player was on, the light turned off. Does that make any sense? While it is nice that the bright LED turns off during the movie, and many people donít mind the light while itís off, itís still awkward for me. Features on the LVD-2001 are out of the roof. For just $139, you get MPEG-4, VCD/SVCD, MP3, WMA, making it the perfect home entertainment device.

Complete review:

I`ll sum the whole thing up:

The Devil`s the Details!

flylow 09-07-2003 11:43 AM

I got a LVD-2001 Friday (Sept 7 2003) and since it was not listed on the KVCD compatability list I downloaded "KVCD Compatibility Test CD Image" and it played. Repeated the same video clip 6 times. I still have a lot to learn about burning VCDs but have burnt quite a few using Tmpgnc but always have used the default settings.

I flashed the LVD-2001 BIOS to 0227 before I even tried to play anything.

I use DRDivx to re-encode the divx files before burning to CDR. I had to lower the audio bitrate to 96kbps otherwise I got freezes during playback on the DVD-2001. Most of my DIVX were too large to fit on a CDR before re-encoding but, so far anyway, all that I have burnt after lowering the audio bitrate fit and play great.

Now it is time for me to play around with KVCD and see what more I can learn.

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