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bigggt 10-19-2003 11:44 AM

KVCD on Norcent dp 311
Hi,i have norcent dp 300 and it plays everything,today at walmart(in Canada)and they have the 311 for $48 bucks so i couldn't resist.Anyway poped in the kvcd test cd and the last three don't play well(green screen).

Can someone give me suggestions on what to try(i know people say svcd and header tricks and burn as svcd but i can't remember what to try)

I already have an apex 1100 which plays the first 3 on the test disk so i don't need one that only does the same thing.I want to be able to use the kvcd3 template and burn 1 disk and use it in both players.


kwag 10-19-2003 12:40 PM

Hi bigggt,

Try 544x480. Maybe that resolution will play :idea:


bigggt 10-19-2003 01:04 PM

Thanx Kwag, ihave a bunch of those and they don't work either :cry:

Walmart is bad for this ,they did the same thing with the apex,it seems when they get a decent dvd player for vcd they go and screw with it.

Its weird because about 3 months ago i was deciding between gettin another norcent 300(69 bucks ) or going accross the border to get the Cyberhome 300.

Decided to get the norcent 300 and went to walmart but they took them off the shelf(the day before they must of had 100 of them).

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