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m0rdant 01-02-2004 05:48 PM

Building a home entertainment Computer
I'm going to upgrade my current computer shortly and thought I'd use some spare parts to put togethe a PC for the living room as an entertainment centre. I've got a Radeon A-I-W 7500 with remote that I want to use as the main part of the system. I'm just wondering what software works well for playback on kvcd/skvcd's. I'll likely start doing more divx stuff since I'll have a computer to play it on, but I've got a few kvcd's I'd still like to play. The software that comes with the Radeon plays vcd's, but doesn't recognize svcd discs...and when I play the mpegs before they are burned it doesn't correc the aspect ratio for 352x480.

Anyway, any thoughts on putting together a system like this for DVD/SVCD/VCD/KVCD/SKVCD/DivX/MP3 playback, plus going to have some emulator programs like Mame and Nintendo ect

The spare parts amount to an Athalon T-bird 900, a 15 gig drive, 384 megs of Ram, and a DVD rom drive....oh, and SBlive value card. If I get it built and working I might add a bigger hard drive for Tivo type funtions.

Dialhot 01-02-2004 06:04 PM

Re: Building a home entertainment Computer re:kvcd

Originally Posted by m0rdant
I'm just wondering what software works well for playback on kvcd/skvcd's

If they are not burnt , any player will do.
If they are already on a CD as VCD or SVCD, WinDVD handle them a lot better than PowerDVD.

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