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01-31-2004, 07:17 AM
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In the compatibility chart it says that "Pioneer DV-535 - 352x240( 288 ), KVCDx3A, 704x480( 576 ) - But MUX and BURN as SVCD!" I used the ULBR NTSC script (tried PAL lateron, gave me the same result) when I mux and burn as SVCD, the aspect ratio is wrong and picture is distorted... Then I followed the kvcdguide 1.1 and created a VCD according to it. At first the kvcd seemed to work just fine but I noticed a click in the audio. Then after watching the movie for a while it was obvious that there was a problem with audio; clicks, pops and cuts in audio occured in relatively slow-paced scenes where not much action was going on. After searching the forum with the keyword "Pioneer" I came across a thread in which it was told that some Pioneers needed the minimum bitrate to be at least 650... But when I set the minimum bitrate that high, I cannot fit a 120 MB movie in a 80 Min CD-R.

I have experimented with many blank CD-Rs and I dont want to wast more And unfortunately my Pioneer cannot read CD-RW discs...

Anyways, can anyone please explain "Pioneer DV-535 - 352x240( 288 ), KVCDx3A, 704x480( 576 ) - But MUX and BURN as SVCD!" to me? (As I have told before, I tried it but the picture didnt look right. I dont know if it is because of the 352x240 resolution?)

Also what is the minimum bitrate I could select in TMPGenc without having any more audio problems?

Thanks in advance...
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