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Big2hd 01-31-2004 08:33 PM

Discs flicker during Playback, player shuts off?
I made some kvcds for nephews, and before that I they had some issues with recent disks(they flicker and cut off whole player). So before I give them to him I try on my player, and they work perfect to the "t".

Try on his again it's horrible(funny thing it looks great FF the movie but play it regular speed flickers and stops kvcd). I told him it might be your dvd it self(it's a cheapo, it's called lanco I think, the one's I did make dvd2svcd awhile ago looked great), and get a cleaner but think the issue is bigger.

:?: Guess my question any1 have same trouble playing kvcd that only play right FF (mind audio doesn't while FF).

I don't know if helps but this how I make
Use V4 script
Extract audio
Encode Audio
Mux M1v. and mp2
Use manual prediction for CQ

I burn with Nero 6 15 I think(can't update it cause buffer comes too large while burning and crashes), and have vcdeasy(might give shot next time).

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