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Forum: Off-topic Lounge 02-20-2005, 07:36 AM
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Posted By glänzend
NOt a Joke

Oi my friends
This was sent to me by a very wise person, read and learn.

THE TRIPLE FILTER OF SOCRATES. In old Greece, Socrates was famous for his wisdom and the great respect that it professed...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-21-2005, 11:29 AM
Replies: 4
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Posted By glänzend
...Or, hie thee to a drumming circle, get someone...

...Or, hie thee to a drumming circle, get someone to teach you either how to drum or dance to the rhythm and spend several hours getting sweaty and exhausted.

Distractions are a miracle cure for...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-21-2005, 11:23 AM
Replies: 4
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Posted By glänzend
I would say lots of TLC and hugs and kisses!!!...

I would say lots of TLC and hugs and kisses!!! :wink:
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-21-2005, 10:29 AM
Replies: 4
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Posted By glänzend
Alternate Uses For Brand Name Products

Achy muscles from a bout of the flu...
Mix 1 tablespoon of horseradish in a cup of olive oil. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes, then apply it as a massage oil - for instant relief for aching...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-19-2005, 08:39 AM
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Posted By glänzend
The Mermaid!

There were three men fishing in a boat.
One felt a tug and reeled in his line. He had caught a beautiful mermaid.
She squirmed and struggled and tried to break free but he wouldn't let her go.
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-17-2005, 08:31 AM
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Posted By glänzend

> >There is a new study out about women and how they feel about their
> >Asses! I thought the results were pretty interesting:
> >
> >85% of women think their ass is too big...
> >10% of women...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-17-2005, 08:23 AM
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Posted By glänzend
computers are Male

Reasons to believe computers are Male:

1. They have a lot of data, but are still clueless.

2. They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they are the problem.

3. As soon...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-17-2005, 08:21 AM
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Posted By glänzend
computers are Female

Reasons to believe computers are Female:

1. No one but the Creator understands their internal logic.

2. The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-17-2005, 07:39 AM
Replies: 2
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Posted By glänzend
hey Not really its just a coincidence, those...


Not really its just a coincidence, those are the ones that arrived today :)
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-17-2005, 07:35 AM
Replies: 0
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Posted By glänzend
Don't Mess With Speeding Old Ladies

[An older lady gets pulled over for speeding...]

Older Woman: Is there a problem, Officer?

Officer: Ma'am, you were speeding.

Older Woman: Oh, I see.

Officer: Can I see your license,...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-17-2005, 07:27 AM
Replies: 0
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Posted By glänzend
The Horth Whithperer

A guy calls his buddy the horse rancher and says he's sending a
friend over to look at a horse. His buddy asks, "How will I recognize him?"

That's easy, he's a midget with a speech impediment."...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-17-2005, 07:10 AM
Replies: 2
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Posted By glänzend
Bill and Hillary at the Yankees

Bill and Hillary Clinton are at the Yankee's ALCS Game 7; sitting in the first
row, with the Secret Service people directly behind them.

One of the Secret Service guys leans forward and says...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-17-2005, 07:04 AM
Replies: 0
Views: 547
Posted By glänzend
Wal-Mart service counter

A middle aged woman went to a Wal-Mart service>
counter and tells the clerk she wants a refund for the toaster she bought because it won't work.

The clerk tells her that he can't give her a...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-15-2005, 11:45 AM
Replies: 1
Views: 479
Posted By glänzend

Twin sisters at a nursing home were turning one hundred years old.
The editor of the local newspaper told a photographer to get over there
and take pictures of the two 100 year old twins. One of...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-15-2005, 11:40 AM
Replies: 0
Views: 539
Posted By glänzend
Blonde city gal

Amy, a blonde city girl,
marries a farmer. One morning, before he goes out to the fields, the
farmer says to her,

"The artificial insemination man is coming to
impregnate one of our cows...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-15-2005, 11:09 AM
Replies: 0
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Posted By glänzend
Hole in One

There was an American man that had an meeting in France. He met a woman and that night they had their own meeting. While they were having sex, she was yelling, "TROU FAUX,TROU FAUX." He did not know...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-15-2005, 11:02 AM
Replies: 0
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Posted By glänzend

Q: What are the small bumps around a woman's nipples for?
A: Its Braille for "suck here".

Q: What is an Australian kiss?
A: It is the same as a French kiss, but only down under.

Q: What...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-15-2005, 10:45 AM
Replies: 0
Views: 493
Posted By glänzend
Creativity stifled!

Dr. Calvin Rickson, a scientist from Texas A&M University has invented a bra that keeps women's breasts from jiggling and prevents the nipples from pushing through the fabric when cold weather sets...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-15-2005, 10:21 AM
Replies: 1
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Posted By glänzend
an old one, but its still good

A little boy goes to his dad and asks, "What is Politics?"

Dad says, "Well son, let me try to explain it this way:

I am the head of the family, so call me The President.

Your mother...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-15-2005, 09:59 AM
Replies: 0
Views: 467
Posted By glänzend
A man walks into a bar...

A guy came into a bar one day and said to the barman "Give me six double vodkas."

The barman says "Wow! you must have had one hell of a day."

"Yes, I've just found out my older brother is...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-15-2005, 09:52 AM
Replies: 0
Views: 582
Posted By glänzend

>> The new Homeland Security Bill has passed. things will be different
> Internet surfing will be tracked by the FBI with a nonintrusive
> method. The FBI says you will not notice...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 01-14-2005, 09:16 AM
Replies: 1
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Posted By glänzend
What do you think?

A young unwed girl discovers that she is pregnant. Scared,she confides this 'news' to her mother. Shouting, cursing, crying, the mother says, "Who was the pig that did this to you? I want to know!" ...
Forum: Off-topic Lounge 12-31-2004, 02:30 PM
Replies: 13
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Posted By glänzend
I second your words rui, Our thoughts and...

I second your words rui,

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.

But may the new year bring peace and lots of wonderful things for everyone.

!!Happy holidays and parties, for...
Forum: Video Konvertierung und Encodieren (Deutsch) 12-31-2004, 11:36 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 932
Posted By glänzend
Inc, mein Freund Nicht so gut, aber ich...

Inc, mein Freund

Nicht so gut, aber ich versuchen Sie, Dank für alles irgendwie :wink:

Forum: Conversion et d'Encodage de Vidéo (Français) 12-31-2004, 11:05 AM
Replies: 4
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Posted By glänzend
mon amis Je suis d'accord avec vous, et nous...

mon amis

Je suis d'accord avec vous, et nous laisse être reconnaissants, que nous sommes très bien. Et envoyez notre meilleur à ceux dans le besoin.

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