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Blubear 07-16-2004 11:49 AM

KVCD subtitles hidden?
Hi all,
I did a KVCD Backup the other day of a film in which half way through the actors start talking in another language requiring English Subtitles. However when I completed the KVCD at Resolution 352x288 it had cut the subtitles of by the inclusion on the black Bar at the bottom of the Film. Is there a way to perhaps include the subtitles in the black area?? or is this wishfull thinking..

Dialhot 07-16-2004 12:08 PM

If your standalone supports both KVCD muxed as SVCD and selectable subtitles, yes there is a solution.

Else you need to reencode the whole stuff so it's better to find again thge original source.

Blubear 07-16-2004 01:45 PM

Hi Phil,
Thanks for the Reply. Firstly I have been doing some reading on the forum re the inclusion of another Dll file which facilitates inclusion of text subtitles. The unique situation if it is that, is that I only want to include the subtitles Naturally' included in the film at certain points and not an overall subtitle feed through out the movie. Firstly I am confident my standalone will support this but can you give me any pointers how to achieve it or links to similar in the forum. I have not attempted this before.

Steve. :?

Dialhot 07-16-2004 01:47 PM

You are talking about permanent subtitles ! (encoded on the picture). I amltalking about selectable subtitles (that you can hide or show with the remote like on a DVD).

You have to test your standalone with this :

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