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TLTw 07-28-2003 06:43 PM

OCR pc and dvd version?
I was wondering about subtitles, as far as I know DVD players recognise subtitles via OCR. And ive never watched a DVD that has displayed characters weirdly or incorrectly(Im an anime freak so Ive seen a lot of subtitled DVD 8)).If the default method for ripping subs on the pc is also OCR, I then wondered why when one rips subtitles from a DVD with subrip or similar program is there so many issues with getting it right, teaching the DVD player, needing to correct errors such as Capital I and l being confused. When none of these errors are encountered during DVD playback.

I know about character matrix's and i assume there is a standard for DVD players to ensure compatability, also assume this standard includes a matrix. Is there a way to incorporate this matrix into software so one can rip subtitles flawlessly and as easily as watching a DVD? Or do we start getting into some sort of copyright laws etc etc in that area? Or am i just way off line :lol: if so feel free to tell me...


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