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Adder 05-09-2004 10:18 AM

cannot get forced subtitles to display!
I am using Avisynth 2.5x and for the life of me cannot get forced subtitles to display!!! 8O i remember when i had 2.08 avisynth i could get them to work but some reason with 2.5x they won't work :cry:

This is the script i am using:
## DLL Section ##
LoadPlugin("G:\Encoding\2.5x avisynth\Plugins\MPEG2Dec3.dll")
LoadPlugin("G:\Encoding\2.5x avisynth\Plugins\grip.dll")
LoadPlugin("G:\Encoding\2.5x avisynth\Plugins\STMedianFilter.dll")
LoadPlugin("G:\Encoding\2.5x avisynth\Plugins\asharp.dll")
LoadPlugin("G:\Encoding\2.5x avisynth\Plugins\unfilter.dll")
LoadPlugin("G:\Encoding\2.5x avisynth\Plugins\undot.dll")
LoadPlugin("G:\Encoding\2.5x avisynth\Plugins\Sampler-2.5.dll")
LoadPlugin("G:\Encoding\2.5x avisynth\Plugins\VSfilter.dll")
## Main section and static filters ###
Mpeg2Source("G:\Dvdrips\ICHI_THE_KILLER\VIDEO_TS\i chi.d2v")
asharp(1, 4)
GripCrop(544, 576, overscan=2)
Vobsub("G:\Dvdrips\ICHI_THE_KILLER\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01 _0.sub")
STMedianFilter(3, 3, 1, 1 )

## Linear Motion Adaptive Filtering ##
# ( Portions from AviSynth's manual )
# This will apply variable temporalsoften
# and variable blur.
# Both filters are active at all times, and work inversely proportional to the
# activity, measured from current frame to next frame.

ScriptClip(" nf = YDifferenceToNext()" +chr(13)+ "unfilter( -(fmin(round(nf)*2, 100)), -(fmin(round(nf)*2, 100)) ).TemporalSoften( fmin( round(2/nf), 6), round(1/nf) , round(3/nf) , 1, 1) ")


#LetterBox( Your_Values_Here ) # Depends on situation. Use MovieStacker!

## Functions ###

function fmin( int f1, int f2) {
return ( f1<f2 ) ? f1 : f2


## MPEG size = ((Total frames/MovieTimeInMinutes)/24) * MPEG sample file size * .98 ##

As you can see i have the proper vobsub lines in script etc... but Tmpgenc just will not show the subs when i go to preview :cry:

Please help me get to the bottom of this!

rds_correia 05-09-2004 10:54 AM

Hi Adder,
But when you open the avs with windows media player: can you see the forced subs?
Or do you get an error message in red font?
I've never used forced subs before, only regular subs, so I don't know if there is any special argument on VobSub filter.
BTW are you using the latest VSFilter?
C ya

Adder 05-09-2004 12:42 PM

Hey rds_correia

Thanks for the reply mate. I have opened the avs in WMP i am not getting any error plays ok but still doesn't display any subs :cry:

Yes i am using the latest version of the VSFilter plugin.

I wonder if the movie is just 1 of those that won't display subs :? Is this possible :?


rds_correia 05-09-2004 01:31 PM

Hi Adder,
I'm not a "pro" on this subject since I only do regular subs (for Portuguese language, that is) so I never came across forced subs.
It could be that you didn't check the "Forced subs only" box in the VobSub Rip program.
My version of it is dated 30-05-2003 and has that option.
Hope yours have it too.
If so did you check it?
Don't give up.
Someone will show up with the solution.

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