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Sossity 11-22-2011 01:48 AM

Can I install a used router on my PC ?
Well, my mother got her new kindle today, & we got the "new" at&t 2wire 2701HG-B 4 port Ethernet modem/wifi router as well.

the box looked new, & sealed, the router appears to be in a new sealed bag, as well as some filters & cables.

but the installation Cd was missing, & it should have been with it if this was new, as the instructions say that i dont need the cd, that the router has built in tools, & to save the cd for later/ or backup.

did I mess up? I bought this from ebay for about $56.00, from at&t it is $100.00.

the description said new, & all looks new except for the missing disc.

this leads me to believe that the box may have been opened before, & this maybe actually used, or at least installed one time before, (the box had stickers sealing it shut) unless the disc was left out at the manufacturer.

as is understandable, mom is eager to set it up with wifi so she can use her kindle. I, on the other hand, am apprehensive, & dont want to lose the internet connection as i am doing online classes.

can we install & use a wifi/modem router that is used (as in was previously installed on another computer, then removed when the owner moved to cable)? will she be able to log in & register/verify it?

can we set up the 2wire without the disc? we will probably just follow the directions in the handout the router came with.

It would be a bit disappointing for mom, if we have to return or refund the router, as she wants to set it up almost right away, only to have to return it & look around for something else.

admin 11-23-2011 02:30 AM

The CD is usually nothing more than a GUI that launches a PDF, which is already available online at the manufacturer's site. I have CDs for every router, modem and switch, and I've never used any of them aside from a quick glance to see what was on it. Some of them come with junky "free" software that you don't need, or trials to software like Norton Security.

Worthless disc.

Routers are all hardware -- there is no computer software involved.

You're fine.

Go to the 2Wire site and just download the manual, in case you need it.

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