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Canon 02-23-2009 11:22 AM

How to Clean Computer? (browsing history and cookies)
What is the best way to clear the computer of old browsing history and cookies and all that. I am not looking at bomb making stuff or trying to hide from the government, I am just looking at getting rid of the banner ads that appear at the top of my browsing history.

I use Firefox and IE.


admin 02-23-2009 11:38 AM

You have banner ads in your browsing history? I'm not sure that I follow.

At any rate, look at the freeware CCleaner (originally known as CrapCleaner). As the name implies, it removes "crap" from your system, including logs, histories, cookies, temp files and all kinds of other leftover digital junk. It works on both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and will purge history, temp files, cookies, saved passwords -- anything you choose to "clean". As far as using the software, it should be straight-forward and user-friendly.

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