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04-01-2012, 12:29 PM
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I'm clearing out my PMs on a bunch of sites, and wanted to share this part of a conversation...

Originally Posted by redwudz
I couldn't locate anything about Vistor either. Probably a house brand. It may have a Silicon Image 5744 chipset as it's popular for a stand alone RAID controller and has eSATA and USB outputs and four RAID settings. If so, it seems to be able to rebuild and even set up the second drive internally if you only start with one. The ads for the Vistor show an Australian and a European outlet plug, but the photo seems to show a US style one also. I also notice they say there are only three left, so if you want it, I would order it now. Seems to have two fans, so that's a plus.

I just bought a RAID enclosure from Cooldrives ($80) with the SI 5744 chipset, and two Samsung 2TB drives. Not sure my enclosure will work with those big of drives. If not, I will use them in my existing non-RAID case. I will use RAID 1 with the new enclosure as I need redundancy. I haven't messed with RAID for several years and that was with RAID 0 and I had bad experiences with that RAID level.

The WD green 1.5TB drives have been all over the place for reliability, but I see they have several different models now, so they may have made some improvements. I have three of the WD15EARS and mine don't seem to have any problems so far with about four months use in my video servers. The reliability may relate to bad shipment packaging. The larger drives are more sensitive to knocks and drops. I wanted to try a couple of the 2TB Samsungs as they seem popular.

I have about 1TB of data on my existing 1.5TB Seagates, but they makes noises occasionally and that makes me nervous. They are in a non-RAID enclosure and I just backup to the second drive manually at present. I thought the 2TB drives would give me a bit more space for editing and adding more data.

I have also seen a few comments that the 5400 RPM Eco drives aren't really suited for RAID use, but a lot of people do it anyway. I'm not going to spend big dollars on enterprise drives just for RAID use.

For the Mac questions, not sure. I haven't fired up my G4 in a couple of years. I don't know if that enclosure chipset would handle HFS or HFS+ in a RAID configuration, if that's what you have in mind. For the price, I would probably try it and see. Sorry, not much help there. Maybe some of the Mac-centric sites would have some ideas.

Figured somebody may find that commentary helpful.

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