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01-01-2017, 09:15 PM
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What's available in an internal PCI or PCIe card with S-Video in and an ATSC tuner, with up to date drivers for Windows 10?

I have a Panasonic AG-1980 VCR and want to use it to capture a bunch of old VHS tapes. I tried and failed to get an ancient Leadtek WinTV 2000 and a much newer ViXS PureTV working with Windows 10.

The best I could get was an Error 10 on the Leadtek (but Dscaler could access it) and "working" drivers for the ViXS but all capture and tuner software I tried refused to acknowledge its existence.

I have the Leadtek working in another PC with Windows 7, though with drivers that force the tuner to some non-US region, but it's NTSC and thus useless, the S-Video input that ignores anti-copy measures is the useful part. Same story on the ViXS with Win7. Drivers "work" but nothing will access it. Apparently the bleeping things just will not work with anything later than Vista. (HP, Compaq and other OEMs shipped millions of PCS with these S-Video/ATSC/NTSC cards.)

I can use the Leadtek, I did some years ago with Windows XP, but its quality isn't all that great. I'd also need to find somewhere to shoehorn in another workstation with the VCR, computer etc.
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