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10-05-2018, 05:45 AM
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Lately I feel like my trusty 5+ year old Pen tablet is finally on the verge of retirement.
So I'm thinking of buying a new Pen Display Monitor that with a Screen so that Ican drawing directly on it .Since I used to work on a graphics tablet without a screen. Now I need your experiences with it.

I was able to sneak peak upon the XP-Pen Artist22E Pro ... and I just fell in love.
The precise workflow, the details on each pointing, the big 21.5" IPS Screen ,the regular multitasking possibility with the shortcuts . But hell ... the price. almost 600, that's waaaaaaaay... well, it's not affordable for me at the moment, not at all.

So, I was just aiming for the neat 11.6" Artist 12 Pen Display, which, on some reviews, seems to cause a great experience to newbs and advanced / professional artists (working with photoshop and co. for more than 5 years, and it is just about time getting that thing).
But as reviews might be "manipulated", how is your opinion about the graphic Display tablet?

Please do post the pros and cons.
Like screen tearing, quality of screen, quality of colors, quality of AA, (does it have a battery inbuilt? if yes, duration/day or hour, lifetime), pen quality, pen options (besides of the 2 buttons and the erase-nug at the other point), pen-"nibs" and what kind of nibs they actually are and the usage of them, etc.

Thanks in advance.

I know that the 11.6" is quite scatty to handle, like about the icons, applications and such, but I don't mind that.
Oh, and here the tablet itself: https://www.amazon.com/XP-PEN-Artist.../dp/B07GNK18VJ .
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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10-06-2018, 05:39 AM
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I'm pretty certain this is a veiled attempt at spam, to generate awareness for this tablet.
This exact post has been posted verbatim on several sites:
- https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2540858
- https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/question/127123/has-anyone-tried-the-xp-pen-artist-12-tablet-graphics-display

We already replied to a previous spam already: Choosing a graphic tablet with or without a screen?

If a company wants to send us one for review, we'll review it.

My issue with this tablet is:
- small
- glossy
- not actually a tablet, must be tethered to computer like a Cintiq

My main drawing pad is a Toshiba z20t Windows 10 tablet.

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