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admin 04-23-2009 06:23 AM 30% OFF coupon

We appreciate your business in the past, so much so we're giving you 30% off your first purchase from our site. Just log into and use the code Welcome as you check out. You can also get Free Shipping on orders over $300.00.
Decent place, I've bought laser printer parts here in the past. :)

Mbless 09-14-2011 06:05 AM

Horrible experience at
Don't order anything from the scam artists at / Phoenix Business Machines! They sold me a fax machine that they said could scan, it couldn't. They swore to me that what looked like a crack in the display in the photos was not a crack (it was "protective film") -- no, it was a crack. They are the most outrageously dishonest and unethical company I have ever dealt with in 10 years in business. Amazing!

In one email, after I pointed out that they had specifically told me the machine had a scanning kit installed (I sent them an email with the words hi-lited after they claimed they never said that), they had the audacity to explain that I should have been more forceful in explaining that this feature was a "deal breaker"!!

Do yourself a huge favor and shop elsewhere.

admin 09-14-2011 06:49 AM


Originally Posted by Mbless (Post 17283)
They sold me a fax machine that they said could scan, it couldn't.

That's so aggravating.
This happens a lot with video hardware on eBay. I often can't tell if it's dishonesty or stupidity.

Too many people "test" something by plugging it into the wall and then seeing if a power LED comes on.
For this sort of lazy person, that means "it works fine". ARGH!

I understand your anger. Been there, done that. :mad:

Rather sad to hear this company is acting more like an eBay seller now, as opposed to the reputable store I knew years ago. :(

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