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02-23-2011, 05:59 AM
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For free, today only, from GiveawayOfTheDay.com (GAOTD).

This is legitimately free software, today only.
You'll download the software, install it, and then register for your free serial from Paragon.

No strings attached.

(Note: When installed be sure to UNCHECK all the GAOTD junk, like adding new bookmarks.)

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02-25-2011, 08:35 PM
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I realize the deal is over, but others who are considering this solution or a similar one might find my following comments useful.

It is wonderful to be able to read HFS+ (Mac) drives from Windows, but every file system driver out there (including this one from Paragon) is prone to corrupting the non-native file system. In this case, corrupting the HFS+ hard drives. HFS Explorer is a free, open source software solution that is not as versatile as file system drivers and it does not allow writing to Mac hard drives. However, HFS Explorer does allow you to read files from Mac drives without any risk of corrupting the source drive.

Another option (and the one that I use personally), is to format any external drives that you will be sharing between Mac and Windows with the exFAT file system. This system is natively supported by OSX 10.6.5 and Windows Vista and Windows 7. XP can also natively support exFAT with an update from Microsoft. exFAT works as well for OSX and Windows as FAT32, but it can support files up to 18 exabytes (18 million terabytes) in size, unlike the 4 gigabyte limit of individual files in FAT32.

There are numerous other improvements as well. The only downside is that exFAT cannot be used for OS disks, so you won't be directly access the OS drive from both Windows and Mac simultaneously. I use a separate data drive for each OS, which I have formatted to exFAT and that has been wonderful for my large media project files.

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