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kpmedia 08-19-2012 03:57 AM

Attention Web Hosts: Rules for Posting Your Ads Here
Web hosts may post their deals here, if the following conditions and rules are met. :)

Understand that:
- This sub-forum has been created specifically for you, either as (1) web hosts with offers, or (2) readers and members looking for hosting deals.
- The associated rules are to protect the integrity of our site, and the nominal costs are to discourage abuse.
- By posting ads on our site, you'll be able to tap into our traffic and give yourself further exposure.

Posting Requirements

1. You must be a Premium Member. Current price is $20 (total) for a two-year term. Upgrade information.

2. Contact information. Your domain whois details may not be hidden, "privacy protected", faked, or in any way obscured. We will verify that the details are correct and accurate before allowing hosts to advertise on our site. There are too many scams and fraudulent "kiddie hosts" out there. Your domain's whois should contain proper contact name, address, phone number, and email, as is ICANN policy.

Advertising Costs / Fees

There's currently no charge to post ads in this section, if you have an affiliate program, which we'll join. :)

1. When an affiliate program exists. Rather than trying to micromanage a classified advertising payments schedule, we'd prefer to simply use your existing affiliate system. In other words, you only pay for classified ads if the ads bring you new paying customers. Note that we don't discriminate based on dollar/payout amount. Your ad should not contain any links, and our auto-linking system will hook into your company name and/or domain name. Simply post your sale prices, coupon codes, and plan/FAQ details as desired.

2. Or if no affiliate program exists. Please contact us.

Content Rules

1. Only post deals. Since this is a deals forum -- i.e., coupons, sales, etc -- and therefore your posts should only reflect sales and deals. It doesn't matter if the discount is 50%, 10%, or even 10 cents off. This isn't the proper place for advertising "everyday" normal prices.

2. Color and style rules. Do not use bold bright red, orange, yellow, cyan, etc. This is supposed to be an advertisement, not an attempt to blind our readers. Keep colors and font sizes reasonable and readable. We don't have a specified limit on colors but that may change if the ads get out of hand. Font size should be no more than a 3 (which is in use on this thread). Remember that the goal of these postings are to gain new customers for your business, not annoy them. Design Tip: Use bold on your company name, domain name, and coupon codes in the body of the post.

3. Flooding. Although no specific time has (yet) been set between making new threads, please refrain from flooding the forum with offer updates. Simply reply to the existing thread if the coupon or offer has ended, changed, or requires some sort of amended rules/information.

More rules will be added as needed, if needed.

Additional Notes / Disclaimers

Note that all posts in this section are put into a moderation queue, and approved manually.

We also reserve the right to remove ads and ban members if ample evidence exists that the host is acting in bad faith. For example, if support tickets are not being answered, or if the service has excessive habitual downtime. There are too many bad web hosts in this industry -- aka "kiddie hosts" -- and this site does not (and will) not support them in any capacity. We do not want our site/business associated with such irresponsible businesses/individuals.

Membership and/or advertising fees are non-refundable.

Thanks. :)

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