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Sossity 08-05-2011 01:11 AM

Jailbroken iPhones, curious are they worth it?
I know I just asked about a smart phone, but I am now asking about the so called "unlocked & jailbroken" iphones

I am curious about this, as right now, I have a little clamshell motorola phone with a pay as you plan from t-mobile. I like the plan as, I am not locked into an expensive contract with high monthly payments, I cannot afford this.

however, I would like a smart phone like the iphone with this same t-mobile pay as you go plan, I can just buy minutes as I need them for about $10.00 to $15.00. My mom had an at&t phone, & she had a bad experience with it, in the end she was charged about $400.00 in fees, when she tried to break off with them, they were not very good, calls were often dropped, & they were expensive.

So we now have had t-mobile for about 2 years now & it is much better.

I would like to cut down on the bulk in my purse, as I have a separate ipod touch for showing off photos of my art, & occasional free wi-fi, & then I have the t-mobile motorola phone.

I thought, why not try to combine the two devices? less to carry, I like the big screen on the iphone to show my art off, & to use as a phone as well. And since I am already familiar with ios on my ipod touch, & iphone would be a very similar thing, I already would know my way around.

So I have a few questions I hope the more knowledgeable people could help me with, or to keep me from making a blunder.

I see alot of jailbroken iphone 3g's on ebay, saying they are unlocked, some say t-mobile, at&t. I am a bit skeptical on these.

once I get an unlocked iphone, how would I get a sim card or a t-mobile pay as you go plan on it? I want a plan like the one on my motorola phone.

would I be able to get internet access with it? 3g access would be nice, but would it least be able to get free wi-fi like my ipod touch does? I need this occasionally, to look at maps & find my way around. would also like to be able to access my e-mail. would I be able to use it in another country like Europe, specifically the UK, as I have family there.

also, I read that I cannot let itunes, restore or format the iphone or I will lose my jailbreak, so how do I prevent itunes from initializing it once I hook it up to my mac? it does this when I plug in a new device for the 1st time. I will want to put some of my material on it, photos of my art, maybe some music from my external hard drive.

Another thought; I have heard that at&t will be merging with t-mobile, so if I go with t-mobile, I may end up stuck with at&t again, so perhaps I should wait things out to see what happens.

admin 08-07-2011 12:44 AM

I don't believe you can get "pay as you go" with an iPhone, jailbreaked (jailbroken?) or not.

AT&T used to have a pay-as-you-go plan, but I believe it was discontinued long ago.

Several months ago, it was reported that you could use Cricket with a jailbroken Verizon iPhone, but I don't have any first-hand knowledge on it. You may want to go into a Cricket store, if the service is available in your area. (It's not in my area.)

Verizon has unlimited data iPhone plans, but of course it's probably not cheap. (Check on pricing anyway!)

I don't like AT&T either. Too much incompetence, in my experiences.

I hate iTunes. Transfer files to/from your iPhone (iPad/iPod, etc) using the Dropbox app, and a shared Dropbox folder on your computer. It's really quite easy to avoid and never use iTunes for anything. I don't even use Quicktime Player, if I can avoid it.

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