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Konfusion 12-14-2007 02:46 PM

DVDWS2 Time of Mpg issue after changing to VideoTS
ok so in DVDWS2 i put in 5 files mpgs or whatever and each one says its almost 24min. So then when im finished outputing the Video_TS folder and i load it into a dvd player and the burner on windows it now says each mpg is around 19 min. So i went ahead and played the original one i had that was 24min and the same episode that now says 19min and timed them to see what was going on. It seems that now the dvdws2 episodes are playing 1 1/2 times faster as far as the time goes compared to the original. They still both play everything 24min but the dvdws2 mpg says its only playing 19 min. I know they are both playing 24 min cause i times them with a stop watch to make sure nothing was cut.

So my question is how do i make DVDWS2 output saying the right time length instead of having it say around 19 Min. Its plays the time faster slower when is weird. like every real 5 seconds would be 3 seconds on the dvdws2 mpg. they both play fine and in snyc i just dont like how it makes it seem like the time is shorter and you might be missing something.
In the program itself where i test it in the finish mode it has the correct time for the mpg file but its not until its in the video_ts format that its totally wrong.

cp32 12-14-2007 03:43 PM

That is odd.... did you install the sych patch ? There's 2 updates for it.

I use the ISO mode instead of VTS folder. Are you editing your mpegs with Dws ? I edit mpegs in other programs ( mpeg vcr , video redo , tmpeg, etc). I then load my mpegs after editing .

Do you any have codecs? If not, files wont play properly .

I m scratch'n in my knoggin on that. Never got that problem aside from user error lol. If it gives you too much grief. Use TDA 2.0

Or could be something as simple as " need to be reinstalled " :P

Its a headache . When you just start using that program. After you get used to it.

You wont turn back.

This sounds like a job for SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSMURFMAN!!! Dunt dunt DA!
"totally dude " lol

Konfusion 12-14-2007 04:01 PM

it plays the video fine it just says the wrong time once its output. everything in the program itself is correct its not until i create the video_ts folder is it all weird

cp32 12-14-2007 05:23 PM

Just for giggles, Create ISO file instead of folder.

lordsmurf 12-14-2007 08:48 PM

Are you concerned about what you're seeing in the preview window?
Is that where the problem is seen?

Half the time, the MPEG plays back choppy in preview anyway, it's just a quickie preview.
The final output is what you should worry about.

My install of VLC actually shows me exactly 50% length in the count, counts slower. It might also be your DVD player with a wacky counter. Some retail discs, and some of the disc I made in DVDit! PE 2.5, have wonky counters in my old Toshiba. It's the player's issue, not the discs.

Konfusion 12-14-2007 09:21 PM

no i mean once go to export the project to the video_ts file the episode lengths shrink

its like this i have 5 episodes
Each episode is 23-24min long.
I import all the 5 mpgs and its still 23-24min long
I preview in the program to make sure everything is fine and it is.
Then i create the DVD Folder
Once i load the Video_ts folder into my burning program it now says each episode is around 18min 50seconds.
So i go ahead and burn it anyways. I put it into my dvd player and it says each episode is 18min and 50 seconds.

Now I go back and compare it to my original Mpg and they both play the same all the way through perfectly fine but the one i made on DVDWS2 has the wrong time on the episodes.

Like lets say you play the episode on your dvd player. The DVD player will read 18min 50 seconds. But in real time its been 23-24 min.

I want to know what could be causing these issues?? I just want the Authored dvd to say the correct length of each episode.

Konfusion 12-14-2007 09:24 PM

oh its the episodes itself after being authored with DVDWS2
Its not any of my players.
ive tryed on 3 Windows DVD players
My ps3, Toshiba hd player, philips dvd player

even went back and used dvd decryptor to extract the episode and it still says 18min 50seconds. its counting 5min slower once its authored with DVDWS2

lordsmurf 12-14-2007 09:32 PM

So you're using somebody else's recordings then, not your own?
Or are these your own, from your own DVD recorder? If so, which recorder?

We might have MPEG file errors. I know how to correct, but it depends on the source info.

DVDWS is standards-compliant software, so it doesn't play nice with crappy out-of-spec files. That's good, FYI. One reason TDA is bad.

Konfusion 12-14-2007 09:54 PM

I have no idea of the source. My friend wanted me to put some video for him on dvd that he had. so i was just messing with different ways to make mpgs and put them in here. first i tryed to make an m2v video and a wav file for audio but then the time was to long. Then i tryed just making straight mpgs with some other program. im pretty much just experimenting

Konfusion 12-14-2007 09:54 PM

where can i get source info??

lordsmurf 12-14-2007 10:25 PM

So this isn't your other video set we've talked about lately, this is something else? And you're not giving it MPEGs at all, but letting it encoder the video? Well, that's the mistake there. Don't let authoring software encode. It's not very good. Encode in encoding software.

GSPOT Codec Appliance is a piece of software that reads source file info. For those downloads, converting may be all kinds of problems.

MainConcept might do well. I did some 16:9 conversions of something I downloaded. It's a temp set, not something I'll be keeping. When the release comes out (after the season ends), this goes in the trash. I only did it because I watch it at night, and my bedroom player only does DVD-Video, not XVID like my Philip 3575 does downstairs.

People at videohelp suggest all-in-one payware favorites of the month. Even TMPGEnc Plus would be a better choice.

You might just be converting incorrectly. Take screen caps of ever single setting you're picking in the encoder, and e-mail those GIFs or JPEGs (cropped to the window please, I don't need the whole 1024x768 or whatever you screen res is).

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