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michelhammamet 02-10-2022 09:27 AM

NeroCMD experts wanted - drive not found error
Hey guys,
I am trying to build a DVD and burn it with NeroCMD batch file.

I realize that it is old-school way but i am a cryptic person and hate GUIs. (Hopefully to find kindred spirits here who love ffmpeg and cmd apps :wink2:)

I have been struggling with my script. I am constantly getting an error whatever I do.

I want to build UFO and BUP files from a VIDEO_TS folder with 4 files inside VTS_01_*naming. Vob files.
Drive E is my CD/DVD-ROM drive on my desktop PC. I have Windows 10.

Here is the script.
@echo off

NeroCmd --write --real --drivename e --output_image E:\DVD --dvd --iso DVD-VIDEO --create_iso_fs --create_udf_fs --iso-no-joliet --dvdvideo_realloc --dvdvideo_cmpt --recursive D:\DVD\VIDEO_TS


Every time I run this I get the following error. Drive not found (though it is in fact E). I tried all possible ways but still unsuccessful. I googled and researched and did not find any solution so far.

See image below

I appreciate any reply and help on that.

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