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bigk181 12-15-2008 05:50 AM

Ulead DVD Workshop 2 Menu Problem
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I'm making a DVD in Ulead DVD Workshop 2 and I can't get the menu to fit the TV. I created a menu using a template that ninjastriker gave me. He told me that I had to create the menu with the template using Photoshop and put the picture in DVDWS2. The problem is that when I create the DVD, sometimes the black space around the picture will show up on the TV. When I play the DVD on my computer, the black space always shows up. What am I doing wrong? Ninjastriker is the one that helped me before, maybe he can tell me what I'm doing wrong since his menus don't have this problem. Maybe someone else could help me too.

Here is the template that I use:

Attachment 181

Here is an example of the menu picture that I would put into Ulead DVD Workshop 2:

Attachment 180

This would be so much easier if Ulead would have made DVDWS2 menus to automatically fit the screen just by dragging and dropping the picture onto the menu. Then we wouldn't need to use templates.

Any help from anybody would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

lordsmurf 12-15-2008 09:13 AM

Read the overscan sticky.

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