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SSStudio 12-26-2009 02:27 PM

Bitrate Too High in UleadDVDW2
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I am preparing to create the DVD folders out of DVDW2 for a subsequent burn using ImgBurn.

Before I can proceed, I get an error message that the total bitrate for the title is too high. I have attached screenshots of this error, the selected disc template, and the DVDW2 MPEG encoder parameters.

It seems DVDW2 limits me to an 8000 vbr max as it's range is stated 1775-8264. But my output from the Adobe Premiere MainConcept 1.3 MPEG codec was done at 6500 min; 7500 avg; and 9750 max (oops).

So I assume I must re-export from AP and constrain the vbr to an 8000 max...agreed?

Should I use cbr instead and set to 8000 (since my title is 57 mins)?

Also, the disc template used by DVDW2 says it is NTSC 4:3...and nothing else is available in my installation of DVDW2. I have been using 16:9 for this project all along. Will the desired 16:9 aspect not be accommodated by DVDW2 ?

admin 12-26-2009 02:53 PM

Ignore the settings in DVDWS2 -- those are ONLY for re-encoding from within DVDWS2. You never want to re-encode video in authoring software, that's not what it excels at. Although Ulead uses the MainConcept engine, Ulead's limited range of presets aren't all that great. Keep encoding using Premiere, as you've been doing. Adobe uses MainConcept, too, but with user-adjustable settings AND better presets (if you use presets).

The warning message, however, is valid. Your total combined bitrate of audio+video exceeded the 9800kbps max. You can lower the video to 9400kpbs, and be fine (this would allow for 384kbps AC3 audio).
-- Or 9300k if you used 448k AC3 audio.
-- If you use PCM, which is 1.5Mbps, then you'll need to put video at closer to 8000kbps.

You made an "oops", yes. Easy fix, if you still have the NLE files/source and can re-export.

SSStudio 12-26-2009 03:12 PM

Should I compress my 443Mb .wav file to AC3 to avoid a re-encode of the video? Should I use VirtualDub for this?

I only have a fade-in/fade-out of the audio on the NLE which I can do through DVDW2, right?

Will that take care of the bitrate issue, or is a video re-export from the NLE (AP6.5) un-avoidable in any combination?

SSStudio 12-26-2009 03:19 PM

...and should I stay with vbr instead of cbr for efficiency?

SSStudio 12-26-2009 03:29 PM

Duh, I think I should convert the .wav to AC3 in SFPro10...right?
Do you recommend a particular AC3 (Dolby Digital Pro or Studio)?

SSStudio 12-26-2009 03:40 PM

Nah...I can't use that either. The only AC3 in SFPro10 is Dolby Digital Studio at 192kbps.

Audacity 1.3.10 offers AC3 (FFmpeg) export in the range 32-640 kbps, so I would use 448...ok?

SSStudio 12-26-2009 04:07 PM

There must be something I don't understand about the workflow. Ulead can't open AC3 audio how am I getting audio to the project DVD folders? Direct placement into the AUDIO_TS which is then brought in by ImgBurn?

I guess this means I must apply fade-in/fade-out for the menu audio .wav in Audacity prior to exporting the AC3 from it. Is this correct?

p.s. I apologize for all the quickly successive (and some un-necessary) questions as I've been trying to prepare for the correct burn.

SSStudio 12-26-2009 04:12 PM

The audio for the main title is a 641Mb .wav, not 443Mb I said above.

admin 12-26-2009 05:30 PM

Convert the WAV audio to AC3, yes. Ulead DVDWS2 actually does have an option to convert audio to AC3, but it can be tricky sometimes.

You convert to AC3 after you've finished your audio work in Premiere, Audacity or whatever you're using to edit the audio.

If your export is a multiplexed ".MPG" file (audio+video together in same file), then you'll just need to demux it to elementary streams (M2V for video, WAV for audio). I use TMPGEnc Plus to demux, but BatchDemux works, too.

For the best quality WAV>AC3 option, see this: -- Only $29 for that one.
For a freeware method, see -- that one uses FFMPEG, which is okay but I suggest TMPGEnc.

To import AC3 in Ulead, refer to the guide at as well as some of the posts below it. I know the import process was discussed at length, in detail, with forum member Superstar earlier this year.

You never use the AUDIO_TS folder. It's empty at all times. It is for use by DVD-Audio discs (and on those, the VIDEO_TS is empty, if present).

Yes, stay with VBR for efficiency, if your video is longer than one hour (and being burned to single layer DVD-R or DVD+R media).

.... and I think that covers everything? :)

SSStudio 12-26-2009 08:13 PM

No AC3 import to UleadDVDW2 ?
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When I attempt to import the AC3 audio file into UleadDVDW2, the Load Audio File dialog will not permit a file of this type as a supported format. And when I force it to browse all files types and open in this dialog it gives an error as "Unable to open file. File format mismatch."

So I looked in the online manual. See the attached screen shot. There is a listing for "Dolby Digital" but does not declare the file extension like the other formats listed. In any case, I can't open it.

This is perplexing. Did I misunderstand that DVDW2 can work with an AC3 stream?

I followed the Superstar thread you pointed to. I didn't see anything directly addressing the audio import for AC3 into DVDW2.

Is my dumb newbie light on again?

admin 12-26-2009 08:22 PM

You have to have the full registered legal version, in order to use AC3. Note that the trial, hacked version, etc, do not support AC3. Dolby Digital = AC3 files.

I don't know where you're trying to import the AC3 file. There's honestly no reason to "import" the AC3 at all, into an audio-only area. This is what you do instead:
  1. Import the M2V video files into the asset manager window on the lower left, in the video area
  2. Drag it to the "timeline" at the bottom of the screen
  3. Now double-click it, in the timeline area, to change to edit mode
  4. On the upper left side are several tabs, pick the audio tab
  5. Here is where you import AND attach audios to your video. Audios, plural. You can do one track or multiple tracks. Available formats include WAV (uncompressed PCM), MPA or MP2 (MPEG audio), and AC3 Dolby (2ch or 6ch).
I believe this is shown on that guide. (Not watched it in a while, admittedly, however.)

SSStudio 12-26-2009 08:48 PM

Thanks, but I'm already well past getting all the source assets where they need to be. And I know how to load the several ways that it can be done in DVDW2. Like the screen shot shows...AC3 is not listed in the Load Audio File dialog...which is where all these access methods end up.

Your first comment was the answer:


Just trying to see if I can get through this first authoring before I commit to all the software to be utilized in my workflow...only I keep running into these walls with disfunctional software versions. Like SFAS9 vs. SFPro10; UleadDVDW2 trial vs. the "real" thing.

So much for evaluations huh?

For tax reasons I wanted to purchase after January 1...good grief.

So I re-render out of my NLE: AP6.5 for 8000 vbr in order to get my project burned tomorrow (hopefully by 2:00pm).

Should I anticipate any problems with ImgBurn - which I haven't used yet?

admin 12-26-2009 08:59 PM

If this is for a client, and it needs to be 100% DVD-Video NTSC compliant, then yes, re-encode to 8Mb/s video. If that is not required, then I would just re-encode as MPEG Layer II audio (MP2, MPA). Sound Forge can export as MPEG audio. That will save you a lot of time.

Although MPEG audio is not officially supported by the NTSC spec, it is by the PAL spec. And because most all MPEG decoder chips found in DVD players are made for worldwide use, most DVD players (NTSC or PAL) will play MPEG audio just fine. I've actually only run across maybe 3-4 players in the past 8-9 years that would not play MPEG audio. Most of those were pre-2000 machines, too.

I don't remember if the file extension needs to be MPA or MP2 for DVDWS2 to see it. Try MP2, and if that doesn't work, rename to .MPA instead.

Some of my personal DVDs use MPEG audio, and I've done MPEG audio for clients in the past, at their request.

SSStudio 12-26-2009 09:12 PM

Super!...I'll give that a shot.

DVDW2 will take .mpa or .mp3 for MPEG audio.
I can just rename the SFPro10 output file extension to .mpa ?

I don't need the 100% NTSC compliance and would prefer the quality.

Watch...knowing my of my friends will have the glitchy DVD players that won't read it. Should I just buy them an updated player? ;-)

SSStudio 12-26-2009 09:15 PM

In DVDW2 can I have the menu audio as .wav and the main title then in .mpa? ...or is that asking for trouble with mixed audio?

SSStudio 12-26-2009 09:48 PM

Also, I notice that SFPro10 produces .sfk and .sfl files. What are these for? Are they supposed to be linked in to the DVD authoring?

I first saw the .sfk when I used the paragraphic EQ filters for the .wav file in SFPro10.

SSStudio 12-26-2009 09:55 PM

Although the .mpa (renamed from .mpg from SFPro10) will play on my media player, DVDW2 claims it contains no audio data when I attempt to Load Audio much for that idea. Is this another trial version manifestation or is the SFPro10 output split among the .mpg, .sfk and .sfl files?

admin 12-26-2009 10:18 PM

MPEG Layer II (MP2 and MPA) is not the same as MP3 (MPEG Layer III). Don't use MP3.

WAV is suggest for a menu, yes. No issues with mixing audio in DVDWS2.

The .sfk/.sfl Sound Forge files are temp junk files. In the Sound Forge preferences/options, you can set these files to "hidden" as well have them deleted after SF closes. There's no use for these, or reason to keep them. New ones are generated all the time, just temp/swap files for SF.

You cannot "rename" a file from WAV or whatever else to MP2 or MPA. The audio must be converted to MPEG Layer II audio format. The extension can be either MP2 or MPA. For use in DVDWS2, it needs to be MPA (as you stated).

SSStudio 12-26-2009 10:39 PM

Perhaps I had a problem with the SaveAs settings in SFPro10.
The default .mpg template is for audio at 44,100 Hz and 224kbps.
GSpot reports the output .mpg as MPEG-1 Layer 2.
I thought we were supposed to have MPEG-2 out put from SFPro10?


I customized the output for 48,000 Hz and 384kbps.


Nope, that's not it either.

...well at this point, I'm going to go all the way back to Adobe Premiere and re-render with the video set for 6500 kbps min; 7500 avg; and 8000 kbps max and leave the audio alone as PCM/WAV which are already set in DVDW2. I can't seem to figure out the .mpg/.mpa use in DVDW2...sigh!

SSStudio 12-26-2009 10:50 PM

I know you can't just up and rename from .wav to .mpa !!!

Of course were talking about first converting to MPEG Layer 2
I'm using the only SaveAs under DVDW2 for MPEG-2 which includes .mpg, m2v, m2t, .mpa ... that's it. Since DVDW2 insists on the .mpg extension (even though .mpa is listed) I then rename the .mpg to .mpa per your 9:59pm post.

Am I supposed to be SaveAs MPEG-1 ?

I'll set prefs in SFPro10 to lose the .sfk and .sfl files.
Thanks for the tip. :-)

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