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dyfan 07-06-2010 03:34 PM

Stills: slide show vs. gallery.
Can an interactive still gallery (operates on command with end user's remote control) be built in DVD Workshop 2 or with another recommended authoring application?
I've created loads of "auto play" slide shows as supplemental material on projects, but would like to know how to prepare a gallery as a bonus option for times when additional subject material is available...
To anyone who could instruct/advise, grazie!!

admin 07-07-2010 02:40 AM

Stills galleries are simply linked menus with hidden actions. I've done many of them in DVD Workshop 2 (Ulead DVDWS2) through the years. You're limited by the DVD-Video specs, in terms of how many menus you're allowed to use.

How many images are we talking here?

Without verifying against the books, I believe the DVD-Video spec limits it to 99 menus. With other content, that'd limit you to maybe 90 images. If this is bonus content, you'll lose most people by about 30 anyway.

I could create another video-based guide to demonstrate.

dyfan 07-07-2010 04:57 AM

oh, and- by the way...
This is excellent information- The still is its own menu...
A video-guide would be most welcome!!

While on the subject of (related) how-to guides. I'm not proficient in Adobe-ease. Is there some trick to overlaying shadowed text over a background image?
Toss me to the appropriate sub-forum, if you deem that necessary?...

admin 07-07-2010 05:03 AM

Adobe is a company, not a software. :p

so .....

Adobe _____________ ? :)

dyfan 07-07-2010 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by dyfan (Post 11996)
I'm not proficient in Adobe-ese.

I don't believe I understand the joke you're wanting to make, but I believe I understand the question you're asking...Photoshop Elements.

May I reiterate:

Originally Posted by dyfan (Post 11996)
I'm not proficient in Adobe-ese.

admin 07-08-2010 12:10 AM

No, no ... don't be hard on yourself. :(

Just remember to give as much information as possible. Compare it to a broken car. You call the mechanic:
  1. My car is broken. Can you fix it? = I have software.
  2. My car, a Honda, is broken. Can you fix it? = I have Adobe.
  3. My car, a Honda Civic, is broken. Can you fix it? = I have Adobe Photoshop Elements
  4. My car, a 1987 Honda Civic, is broken. Can you fix it? = I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 4

So ..... which version of Photoshop Elements? :)

While Adobe uses fairly universal system of filters and layout for the tools, the exact location varies from program to program, and even from version to version.

Basically you need to add a drop shadow effect to the text layer. I can give a step by step if I know what program, and what version. And yes, it's an easy process. Painless as can be.

So just give the version, and I'll be good to go! :)

dyfan 07-08-2010 01:52 PM

darn ol' freeware...

Originally Posted by admin (Post 12009)
While Adobe uses a fairly universal system of filters and layout for the tools,

...The reason I did not know it was necessary to be exacting...

Photoshop Elements 6.0, an "on board-ware" version.

After creating the background layer I would wish to use (normally a 720 x 540 image of something), oftentimes I am not able to see ANY attempt to overlay typeset. On the occasion when I've cursed long and loud enough at the monitor to encourage Adobe to PLEASE do as I'd like, I've found it almost entirely necessary to shadow any text- It's difficult to been read, otherwise. In your mind's eye, picture the end credits for older black and white Television Shows like: "The Dick Van Dyke Show", "Dragnet" or "The Andy Griffith Show"...All those title cards are A-1 examples of the simple, but totally effective angled drop shadow.

I've done a good amount of this kind of text-over-image building on an older PC with a Playskool freeware program (Photo Impression 4.0 by Arcsoft), but I'm ready to trade in my "Lincoln Logs" for some software meant for big people to play with...

If step-by-step instructions are an 'easy, painless process'- please consider starting right from the beginning- For both my benefit and also for those who will invariably come along after me?

I want to learn and I know others want to learn/be taught, too. I also know that this is the whole premise of this site being putting up- And I can't ever appreciate the idea enough!!!

I say 'thank you' in advance---

admin 07-08-2010 02:13 PM

Yep, just caught that from your other thread:

Originally Posted by dyfan (Post 12020)
Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 has a generic CD template

In the 1990s, Adobe had Photoshop, and starting with version 3, they had Photoshop 3.0 LE (limited edition) that was priced for educators/consumers. That's what I started with. Mine came packaged with Adobe PageMaker 6, I think (long time ago, hard to remember). It was essentially identical to the full version of Photoshop, with some features missing. I moved to the full version of 4 some number of months later, when it finally came out, as I needed the advanced tool set for layers and filters. I think Photoshop 4 had an LE, too, and then that was that. No more LE's for about a decade.

Midway through this decade, Adobe came out with the "Elements" version. At first, it was more or less just like the old LE's, being somewhat stripped down from the full version. Early elements did have some "candying up" as I'd put it, to make the GUI a bit kiddie. As the versions have gone on, it's become terrible. They keep moving things around, renaming them, changing how it functions, adding in crap features. I think they now design the software for children and the mentally challenged. Of course, lots of consumers love it, because they think kiddie = easy. As you're learning, that's not the case. If anything, many tasks are HARDER on the cheesed-up/low-brow edition of Photoshop. Sad, really.

By contrast, little has changed with the full Photoshop in 15 years. My daily routine is to open PS 6 on one system and PS CS3 (v10) on another.

Let me install a fully-functional demo over the weekend. I had Elements v6 installed on a system for tests last year, but it's expired already. I'll just do it again from another system, not an issue.

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