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jmac698 12-30-2010 02:35 AM

Ideas for packaging home movies; chapters, menus, design?
What does the average person find appealing in the overall design of a DVD of a transfer of a home movie? What are some ideas you've had for presentation?
I've used a design where I have auto chapters every 10 minutes, or a menu with thumbnails of each chapter. For extra I could label by section like, 2004, Spain, Vacation and make that a chapter.
What is a neutral kind of background that no one hates?
Obviously backgrounds can't make the text hard to read. If you use a background from the tape, it might happen to be someone in the family no one likes :)
I've found people who didn't know about chapter buttons, so I make a point now of using a scenes menu always. I try to keep titles pretty short, and use a fairly big font. I use about 4 thumbnails per page.
I print the chapter list on the back of the case.
Any other ideas?
Also I'm not totally clear off the top of my head the difference between root and title. And has anyone had trouble with DVDStyler produced DVD's?

lordsmurf 02-12-2018 06:13 AM

The average person is either:
(1) easily pleased, anything is fine, even if images distorted
(2) doesn't care at all, may not even notice

More discerning video collectors are usually more impressed, as are artists, techno geeks, etc. But those aren't average folks. The masses are lemmings, and don't pay attention.

By far, I'm not your average video user, and I don't care about disc artwork. But I'm a stickler about menus and case design.

All these years later, people still don't know about DVD (or Blu-ray) chapters. :(

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