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lordsmurf 03-14-2009 02:42 AM

Ulead DVD Workshop PSD lines
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Here are a couple of graphics I made for underline selectors, when using DVD Workshop 2.
Wanted to share.


Konfusion 03-14-2009 01:38 PM

Niiice. Thanks a lot

JonathanEntertainment 03-14-2009 02:31 PM

Will have to check this out when I get home is the same as the overscan.psd?

lordsmurf 03-14-2009 08:45 PM

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Originally Posted by JonathanEntertainment (Post 1849)
Will have to check this out when I get home is the same as the overscan.psd?

No, "overscan.psd" is a Photoshop PSD template for NTSC video, with the non-safe overscan areas marked with guides.

I need to move the guide from TVP/CPS here, which discusses the concepts of overscan in depth, with some sample images.

In fact, the most recent version of the "overscan PSD" is not more than a couple of weeks old, so you might want the latest version. This one has three sets of guides.
  • The inner-most rectangle is the "title safe" area, the edge of where you can place text and images that are guaranteed to be shown on screen.
  • The middle rectangle is a typical location of the overscan, which varies from television to television (and yes, that includes HDTV sets).
  • The outer-most rectangle is the area for which you must extend past in order for a background to be seen edge-to-edge on the screen. In other words, truly a "background" and not simply an image that is mostly stretched behind the foreground.

This template PSD file will help you avoid making the all-too-common craptastic DVD menus that people seem to make out there. At very least, this helps you control what does and does not appear on screen. You won't have something "cut off" or "run off" the screen on the menu.

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