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wigam 07-08-2005 03:57 AM

Some work arounds for dvdws2
This is a good authoring program but some things still suck [}:)]


Crashes when i try to burn to disc at the converting menu video stage. One possible issue that causes this, is if you have used photoshop to make gifs for use as animated gifs. DVDWS2 just doesn't like photoshop.

Solution Use photoshop to make your gifs, afterall it is a monster app. Save it and open it up in photo impact which is a ulead product. Re-save it as a gif. DVDWS2 now likes it! It will now make your iso (if this was the issue that is:)) DVDWS2 is most compatible with other programs made by ulead.

Problem:when i playback my iso the menu appears soft

solution:under preference de-select the anti-flicker filter. bear in mind if you have lots of horizontal lines in your menu pic then it will look a lil bad on tv.

Feel free to add to this.

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