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11-09-2015, 04:51 PM
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Any reason to update from ?...I found out my Antivirus program "Quarantined" 2 files that originated from ImgBurn (downloaded or program files). So I removed it, then downloaded/installed the (2011) file from DFAQ and had no warnings. Lots of complaints online about crap/trojans/toolbars attached to any ImgBurn download or mirror sites lately. (also warnings from my antivirus when going to any ImgBurn download sites)...Are there are any features or improvements in the latest version?, Can DFAQ make one (latest version) available to us that is not "infected"? (If there is even any reason to update from, that is)
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11-09-2015, 05:36 PM
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I'm not aware of anything useful in new version. I think that LightningUK! mostly just added crapware to the new versions. If anything is missing in the old version, I've not seen or heard about it.

Burning discs is pretty mature tech -- especially CD and DVD. There's really nothing to add anymore.

(FYI: I'd actually prefer to burn Blu-ray in authoring software, which as you probably know, is entirely opposite of my thoughts on DVD. I've never been convinced that Imgburn handles BDMV that well. That structure isn't as easy as the DVD IFO-BUP-VOB setup. Nobody is likely to have huge BD ISOs laying around their drives anyway.)

If you want a better reader software, then that's where Isobuster comes in. He still actively maintains it, and it advances every year. It's quite impressive. I get emails probably every 6 months, alerting us to a new version.

That all said, a quality burning drive still matters most.

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