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Superstar 09-24-2017 08:58 PM

Error while burning with ImgBurn?
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I just started having problems with ImgBurn. It just started happening out of no where, it was working fine and now this happens every time that I try to burn a DVD.

lordsmurf 09-25-2017 03:04 AM

The Matshita/Matsushita DVD-RAM drive is notoriously horrible. It's probably failing.

What media ID for blank?
Have you been using the same blanks for years?

Trivia: I had to remove the word 'shit' from the word sensor years ago, because this model DVD burner would have the name censored as profanity. :laugh:

Superstar 09-25-2017 11:58 PM

It's just the default one that came with my laptop. I just tried in another program and after it failed, it said please insert a DVD to continue. I went to device manager and it said that everything is up to date with the DVD drive, so I dont know. It was working fine last week, then all of a sudden, I can't even burn 1 DVD

Right now, I'm using Memorex, it's just what was on sale, and I'm sure it ranks in the same category as the Matshita does :-p

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Is there some kinda test that I can do, to find out for sure if it's the drive going bad? Seems to be the case, but would like to know for sure. I did device manager, and it said everything was up to date, so I don't know.

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Still need help with this. Wondering if there's anything I can do for sure to find out if the drive is going bad?

lordsmurf 12-04-2017 05:47 AM

Default laptop burns are rarely good.

Being "up to date" means nothing.

Sudden drive failure is not uncommon, though usually follows the path of RW media going first, followed by marginal DVD-R/+R, then all DVD-R/_R, then even DVD-ROM reading.

No test other that to read/burn discs. Also listen to how the drive is doing (ie, lots of thrashing, etc).

The only thing to do is try another drive. For laptops, I've long preferred a good full-body USB drive. Pioneer, Samsung/Sony, etc. Not sure what's on the market in 2017, as I've not bought one since at least 2012 or earlier. Drives still going strong for me.

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