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colony 03-28-2019 03:52 PM

DVDWS2 Creating DVD folder: Makes More than one folder!
Hello All,
Sorry this is a bit boring but I can find nothing having been otherwise discussed.

Did a test run on DVDWS2, authoring a single 2 hour VHS MPEG capture with menu, and created a DVD folder at the end. However, the created folder contains TWO folders; one labeled "̃DiscBuild" which in turn contains the typical Audio-TS and Video-TS folders at 6.21GB. The other folder, "DWS-TS", at 6.14 GB, contains a "CVTMenu" folder which in turn contains "Menu_01" folder (with menu files); and "CVT Tile" folder which contains the originally captured MPEG file.

Using Burn Aware Free, I attempted to burn a double layer DVD+R Verbatim disc from the Audio/Video-TS folders in "̃DiscBuild". It quit after about 20 MB, acting like it had completed the task. Usually, Burn Aware works fine for me.

Is it normal for two folders to result from the "create folder" process? If so, it would seem that the Video-TS files should have the menu files incorporated and not shown in another folder. If normal, how do I combine them for burning?

As far as the burn not working for the full 6.21 GB, it could have been a fluke...unless these folders are messed up.

colony 03-30-2019 05:30 AM

Anyone with DVDWS2 experience that can shed some light on this?

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