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SKYWHEELER 01-12-2020 02:18 PM

Connect Toshiba combo to HDMI?
Good evening,

Could someone tell me how to connect a Toshiba VHS / DVD Combi via a scart socket to a Toshiba TV to an HDMI input? To start, I bought an adapter with scart output to HDMI input. The HDMI socket is well recognized on the TV but, connected to the Combi, on the TV screen is displayed "no signal". Is there a particular manipulation to do?
Wishing you a happy new year, thank you in advance for your help and your answers.

msgohan 01-12-2020 03:37 PM

What's the model # of the Toshiba combo so we can look at the manual? Model # of the TV wouldn't hurt either. And a photo of the converter.

Do you have other SCART output devices to test the adapter with?

SKYWHEELER 01-15-2020 02:13 PM

Scart hdmi
Thanks for your answer
Here the model model

No other scart

msgohan 01-15-2020 07:16 PM

I asked for:
  1. Model number of Toshiba VHS/DVD combo (required to help diagnose)
  2. Model number of Toshiba TV (may also be required to diagnose)
  3. Photo of converter
You only provided #3. The original question can't be answered, as it stands.

Have you tried the various push-button settings of the converter? I would recommended 720p and PAL to test.

SKYWHEELER 01-21-2020 12:55 PM

Hi, you are right, find here the missing minks
for the TV

for the media recorder

doesn't work anymore en pushing buttons

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