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03-11-2020, 12:29 PM
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Hi I am looking for a new recorder with a built in hard drive. I have been using the Lite-on 5045 GDL+ for years but getting fed up with having to crop 95% of the videos I have been capturing. I only use it to capture VHS tapes so I had to use the hacked firmware to remove the macrovision protection.

I want to know is there any other make of dvd hdd out there where I can download similar firmware and do the same job as the Lite-on. The reason I am having to crop all the time is the tear at the bottom the Lite-on produces when capturing.

Sample pic in attachment

I have also uploaded 2 videos (original vob files) of 2 different VHS tapes. The 1st one is from 1988 the 2nd is from 1998 which isn't has bad but it does this on nearly every capture.

vob1 & 2

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03-11-2020, 02:24 PM
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The DVD recorder isn't really to blame. What you're seeing is typical of VHS: https://bavc.github.io/avaa/artifact...ing_noise.html

Certain Panasonic and Funai DVD recorders are able to partially correct this area, but I don't think you'd be fully satisfied. It's also possible to internally adjust some VCRs to move the error outside of the visible image, but this can cause side effects.
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03-11-2020, 03:02 PM
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Hi msgohan

I meant to edit my post to noise not tear, I think now looking at that link you put up I have asked this same question before years ago but just forgot.

I used to use a Plextor ConvertX PX-M402U I never had this problem, just that the windvd creator software that came with it was a bit rubbish when capturing. I might istall xp again and see if I can use virtualdub with it I never tried it at all.
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