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03-05-2021, 11:26 PM
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Hi all,

I have a JVC SR-S388E PAL SVHS VCR for a year or two. It works brilliantly until recently when i encountered an issue when i turn on the TBC. The image seems to shift out of the frame and out of sync, sometimes losing colour altogether.

I've attached a video sample here showing the issue, when i toggle the TBC on and off.

This issue happens across all outputs (S-Video and Composite). Audio is fine, only the Video is affected.

Hope to seek your kind help here, or any advice on how to solve the issue, many thanks guys!

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03-06-2021, 10:06 AM
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If it does the same thing with every tape then it's likely to be an issue with the VCR's TBC electronics. Unfortunately, unless you are well-versed in tracing circuits and replacing components this may not be a problem you can solve.

I had never heard of this model but from searching here and videohelp I found a few threads discussing it. Seems it's a quite unique model in JVC's lineup. Apparently it has a frame store and defeats macrovision. While that's a fantastic improvement over most VCRs, such an obscure design means that you're unlikely to find much in the way of repair info, service manual, etc.

Here are other threads about that VCR:

JVC SR-S388E good VCR for capture VHS tapes?
JVC SR-S388E (PAL model) has frame TBC?

https://forum.videohelp.com/threads/...-B-W-diagnosis (sounds like a similar problem to yours)
https://forum.videohelp.com/threads/...ture-Scrambled (another with a similar issue)

For anyone else curious, user manual and spec sheet are posted here:

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