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WEW3 04-03-2008 01:24 PM

Anyone else notice wavy picture quality on analog TV ?
For the past few days the picture has been a little wavy and the shows look like they are about to bust out of the tv. I was watching ESPN Classics and the picture is so big that the ticker on the bottom is barely noticeable.

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this.

wayshway 04-03-2008 02:37 PM

Probably making it look sh*^y so they can get people to upgrade to HD. [88][88]

WEW3 04-04-2008 11:11 AM

That's exactly what I thought. Looks like "they're" not even waiting until February. I know there are a lot of techies here, but making something obsolete with a timeline sucks. At least other stuff was allowed to die on their own.

cp32 04-05-2008 09:38 AM

Personally, I ll get grief for this. After watching a HD TV in a few stores. HD Tv Looks like crap?

The picture wasnt crisp. It looked like The Hulk Movie pixelated ? choppy, not smooth at all.
I thought you get clean signals from hD? It was probably the worst looking video on Tv I ve ever seen? I have dvds from HD channel they look great on my crappy 19 inch. On a HD Tv it looked horrible? Why ? If thats Hi def. You can have it lol

Konfusion 04-05-2008 09:43 AM

It depends on what tv you look at. there is a lot of crappy hdtvs and you cant judge by the stores signals. sometimes they look worse or better then others. also depends what they are playing on them. Need to go to the magnolia section at best buy and you can ussually see better signals. regular tv played on hdtv doesnt look that great but 720/1080 outputs on tv stations look good though. plus the tv looks better once you get calibration on it. But ya if you only plan to watch normal tv no hd stations or have an hd dvd or blu-ray player i think its a waste of money.

Tranzor 04-06-2008 08:41 AM

it also has to do with some stations not broadcasting in proper ratios and not setting it to adjust to various tv signals. Channel 2 news did this a few times

very few tv suppliers are broadcasting in true HD. Most of the time you are actually just viewing the digital channels and not hd. If you want a demo for true HD, get an xbox360 and have it download some tv shows available in the HD format. Then use the hd link on your HD tv. The quality is amazing, by the same merit regular analog looks like absolute crap on virtually all of them because of the type of chipset they use to process the analog signal over to digital. I am sticking with my analog tv until it no longer works. I gave my HD set ot my mother. I was not satisfied in the slightest with the quality on it

lordsmurf 04-06-2008 04:43 PM

Many HDTV sets are made poorly. My Sony "A3000" series set is amazing quality. It has not just a clean signal, but filters to improve older material. Truly an upgrade.

cp32 04-06-2008 05:08 PM

Well , you can send me your Tv LS. Go buy yourself another.I in return...................
will gladly pay tuesday for an HDTV today lol

wayshway 04-11-2008 01:59 PM

My Vizio HD TV Rocks too. It has a DNR filter for cleaning up grain and the picture is just vivid.

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