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lordsmurf 03-01-2009 02:43 AM

Denon DVD-2200 - DVD player hack
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This is an attempt to prevent certain files from being lost, an archive for older files that have slowly disappeared from the Internet. Most hack sites are from common folks using free hosts, and when they lose interest, the file goes bye-bye. Hopefully these posts of mine can help curb that loss.
  • Please donate a couple dollars to this site.
  • Do not ask me questions about hacks, I'm providing some space for them.
  • You'll need to be a Free Member (or Premium Member) to download files.
Instructions: File is a Nero NRG image, burn in Nero. Put burned CD with image in drive, play the disc, then once update is complete power unit on/off and all should be well.


lordsmurf 10-04-2009 07:57 AM


Originally Posted by vividfour
i burned your download on a dvd ..
however the unit i have has no remote ???
do i just play the dvd ????
it seems short ????
let me know instructions please ...
my unit is not playing some cds ???
could they be dirty ?????
also is cleaning the lens easy ???

I did not create the hack, I know nothing about it.

The instructions for this hack are:

Instructions: File is a Nero NRG image, burn in Nero. Put burned CD with image in drive, play the disc, then once update is complete power unit on/off and all should be well.
If your unit is not playing some CDs, it may be a dying laser in the player. If burned CDs are the problem, but pressed ("store bought") CDs are fine, then that is the problem.

For information on how to clean a CD or DVD drive, see this post:

And welcome to the site! :)

vividfour 10-04-2009 06:01 PM

it is some store bought cd's ...but i'm not sure how clean they are ..if the lens is going i quess it will just get worse ????
are there cheap lens replacements ????

admin 10-05-2009 08:59 AM

No, once a drive is dead, it's dead. If it's just CD playback, then your DVD playback should still be fine. It's a DVD player, anyway.

neolin777 09-12-2012 01:39 PM

this hack --> Denon DVD-2200 - DVD player hack ,,,,,,,,,,for sacd-r compatibility or for region free ?

kpmedia 09-14-2012 09:26 AM

Everything known about hack files is already present on the site. The files were simply archived by LS, and were not written by anybody here. You'd have to experiment, in regards to it working on other formats (non-DVD) or even variant models.

Best wishes to you on your endeavor. Good luck!

... and welcome to the site. :)

neolin777 09-14-2012 10:35 AM

appreciate your help,weak(2)!

neolin777 09-14-2012 12:06 PM


List of compatible / incompatible hardware for playing SACD-R.

Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD
Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD
Denon DBP-1611UD
Denon DVD-2910
Denon DVD-3910
Denon DVD-5910
Marantz DV7600
Marantz UD5005
NAD T585
Pioneer BDP-440
Pioneer BDP-140
Sony BDP-S370/BX37
Sony BDP-S380
Sony BDP-S470
Sony BDP-S485
Sony BDP-S570
Sony BDP-S580
Sony BDP-S870
Sony BDP-S970
Sony BDV-E870
Yamaha BD-S1067

Do not play:
Accuphase DP-100
Arcam DV137
Cary DVD8
Denon DVD-1930
Denon DVD-1940
Denon DVD-2200
Denon DVD-2900
Denon DVD-2930
Denon DVD-3930
Esoteric P-03
Esoteric UX-3 Pi
Harman/Kardon DVD 47
Harman/Kardon DVD 49
Integra DPS-6.9
Marantz DV-6001
Marantz DV-6500
Marantz DV-7001
Marantz DV-9600
Marantz SA-15S1
Marantz SA-15S2
Marantz SA-7001
Marantz SA-7003
NAD T535
Onkyo DV-SP504
Onkyo DV-SP506
Onkyo DV-SP800
Parasound D3
Philips DVD-963SA
Philips DVP-9000S
Pioneer DV-565A
Pioneer DV-656A
Pioneer DV-757Ai
Pioneer DV-868AVi
Pioneer DV-989AVi
Pioneer PD-D6-J
Sherwood Newcastle SD-871
Sony DVP-NS90V
Sony DVP-NS92V
Sony DVP-NS700V
Sony DVP-NS900V
Sony DVP-NS955V
Sony DVP-S9000ES
Sony MEX-DV2100
Sony PlayStation3
Sony SCD-555ES
Sony SCD-XA5400ES
Sony SCD-XB790
Yamaha CD-S1000
Yamaha CD-S2000
Yamaha DVD-S1500

Play after the firmware update:
Cambridge Audio DVD89
Oppo DV-970HD
Oppo DV-980H
Pioneer DV-575A
Pioneer DV-585A
Pioneer DV-600AV/610AV
Pioneer DV-696AV
Pioneer DV-LX50
Samsung HD745/945/950
Samsung HD841/941
Yamaha DVD-S657
Yamaha DVD-S1700
Yamaha DVD-S1800
Yamaha DVD-S2700

Presumably after modifying the firmware are:
Onkyo DV-SP502E
Oppo DV-981HD
Pioneer DV-578A

lordsmurf 09-14-2012 12:07 PM

Thanks for sharing that. :thumb:

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