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06-07-2005, 04:41 PM
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A friend of mine asked me this. He asked me if he bought a HD-Tuner that if he hooked it up to his tv if he could get hd channels or if he needs to get a hd-tv?? He said he talked to some one at wal-mart and they said all you need is the tuner, and that you don't need a hd-ready tv. I think its Bullcrap. So whats your guys opinion?? Cause if it were that easy Id go buy a tuner for a few hundred and hook it to my 50 inch and call comcast and get the HD Cable reciever


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06-07-2005, 11:16 PM
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what kind of tuner did he get?

HD is not really a cut and dry setup, I have a JVC HD Recorder (H40000U) and the Mediacomm HDTV receiver but still cannot access the 5 channels in something other than a cropped box

My quick answer is the Walmart employee is full of crap (where is LS with his video file about Walmart employees), I do know that you can get HD on your PC with a card that you insert in the computer but that is computer lol
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06-09-2005, 07:39 AM
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My HD channels are full screen playing directly through the DVI input from the HD receiver into the TV, but when viewed through the DVD recorder it goes into an odd sized letterbox mode... is this the problem you're having markatisu?

And they're crazy at Wal-Mart... of course you have to have an HD ready tv to watch HD programming! Standard tv's cannot process the resolution on the HD signal. There are HD tv's that have a tuner built in, in which case you just need an antenna for OTA reception, and then there are HD READY tv's that require the signal and the receiver...
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