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08-29-2019, 01:57 PM
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VCR: Panasonic NV-HS1000EGC.

How and in what cases does the: "PAL/MESECAM" button on the front panel of this VCR work - "from the inside" when it is closed, and "from above" when it is open(explaining where this button is) ?
[If the editing option in this VCR is set to: Passive - does it button(function) work anyway ?]
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08-30-2019, 10:35 AM
josem84 josem84 is offline
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MESECAM (Middle East SECAM) was a workaround for recording SECAM signals using your PAL VCR. That was useful in countries with both standards. A tape recorded with you MESECAM capable device will not be playable using a true SECAM VCR.

The edit option basically disables all video signal processing done internally on your VCR. It's specially useful for dubbing... not altering (degrading) the video signal in any way or form.

There're plenty of user manuals available online. A quick search will bring you to the corresponding pdf.
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08-31-2019, 01:52 AM
dima dima is offline
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Thank you for reply.

So this button was/is only for recording ? Does not affect playback ? I am thinking in particular of reproducing colors (and not whether it will play/not play a given tape).
It's probably best to check it yourself in practice, but I'm asking because someone may have already checked it and knows how it works or knows how it should work and works in theory.

I know about PDF instructions(for this VCR) - but just how this button works is not described (explained) in these materials as far as I know.
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