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Ralpphilz 01-18-2020 06:49 PM

Bundled JVC high-end models For Sale!
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The followings are for sale:

SOLD > Package 1. (#Mint 1)
JVC HR-9600U
Condition: Mint - Like New
Price: $450
Include: New RCA cables, Original Manual, Original Remote + 1 pair of AAA batery

SOLD > Package 2. (# Mint 2) -- pending
JVC HR-9600u
Condition: Mint - Like New
Price: $450
Include: Original Manual, Original Remote

SOLD > Package 3. (# Good 1)
JVC HR-9600U
Condition: good working condition.
Price: $350
Include: original JVC remote control+ Brand new in-box JVC HR-61U + Funai VCR/DVD combo recorder (Great working DVD side, the vcr side is NOT working) model #: ZV427FX4 + Panasonic EZ48V in mint condition.

SOLD > Package 4. (# Good 2)
JVC HR-9600u
Condition: Good working condition
Price: $320
Include: original JVC remote control + Funai VCR/DVD recorder (great working condition for both sides) model# ZV427FX4 + Sima Color corrector pro-series 1,2 x 5 pieces (good working condition).

Package 5.
JVC HR-9911
Condition: Mint condition
Price: $450
Include: JVC remote control + New opened Sony VCR NV500 + TOSHIBA Standalone DVD recorder (mint condition) model# DR430KU


Note: Shipping not included in the listed price above.
---- OR best offer for them.Thank you for reading.

eccentricbiped 01-30-2020 01:30 PM

Sent you a PM

Ralpphilz 02-06-2020 03:40 PM

Update on Feb 6, 2020: Package 1 SOLD.

Ralpphilz 02-22-2020 06:22 PM

Update on Package 4: The Funai DVD recorder will not be included in the package deal because it has been found to cure the picture tearing on my 3/4 tapes (U-Matic tapes) using this recorder as a passthrough device. The toshiba dvd recorder in the package 5 has the same capability of fixing U-matic tapes' picture tearing issue also. I intend to keep one, so I decided to take this Funai DVD recorder off the package 4. Thank you for reading.

Package 2: DEAL PENDING.

-- LS edit: thread updates made!

Ralpphilz 02-28-2020 12:42 AM

Only package deal #5 is left. The others have been sold.

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