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bentley 03-21-2020 04:03 PM

Wanted: computer for VHS capturing
Hi! I'm looking to buy a computer that's optimized for video capturing. Desktop, laptop, either works.

Does anyone here build/customize them for others? If so, could I hire you to make one for me?

Does anyone have a spare to sell?

Absolute worst-case scenario, could someone talk me through it step-by-step like a baby?

Hopefully this will make a nice self-quarantine project for someone. ;-) Please drop me a line if interested, and we can talk specs and budget. Thank you!

lordsmurf 03-27-2020 07:19 AM

What is your budget for this? (Be realistic.)

I may be able to locate something for you. :)

nicholasserra 03-30-2020 12:47 PM

Considering most capture processes are geared for old operating systems like XP and windows 7, and hardware from that period, any off the shelf computer should be fine.

bentley 04-03-2020 04:54 PM

EDIT: never mind.

bentley 04-11-2020 03:09 PM

Hi, all! Just posting an update to say that I'm still looking to buy a capturing laptop, or step-by-step help to build one.

I know that LordSmurf offered one earlier -- but he and I are currently in the middle of another, very long, transaction, and I don't want to take him up on any other offers while our current one remains unresolved. (That's what the "never mind" post above was originally about...)

If it turns out that he's able to hook me up with a capturing laptop after all, I'll let the thread know. In the meantime, I'm still looking! I have about 1500 tapes to digitize, I'm stuck in the house for a month or more, and I'm itching to get started. :)

If anyone has a spare to sell -- would like to build one for me for payment -- or feels like walking me through the process, please get in touch!

Thanks, and happy Easter weekend!


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