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ilhank 06-27-2020 12:58 PM

Wanted: TBC with s-video (recommended by lordsmurf) [FOUND]

I'm putting my video workflow devices together and I'm looking for a TBC with S-Video. Bonus is if you've confirmed it plays well with the recommended JVC VCRs and an ATI 600 USB capture device.

Below, you'll see the units lordsmurf recommends (source):

1. DataVideo|TBC-100|
2. DataVideo|TBC-3000,4000,7000
3. DataVideo|TBC-1000
4. AVToolbox, TVOne|AVT-8710
5. Cypress|CTB-100, clones
8. Cypress, TVOne|1T-TBC
6. Kramer|FC-400
7. For.A|FA-125

Let me know via PM if you have anything to offer.

Thank you,

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