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SeeNoEvil 08-12-2021 11:39 AM

Free to UK: JVC HR-S9500U & HR-S7900U VCRs (faulty)
If anyone near the Egham/Staines, London UK area is interested, I have two faulty US NTSC VCRs free for collection. They're likely not repairable, but if anyone needs to scavenge any spare parts for their own repairs?;

JVC HR-S9500U VCR - Flashes AUTO and shuts off, as detailed here;

JVC HR-S7900U - Damaged by eBay's global shipping program, with a fairly hefty whack on one side. It will only output a black & white signal though any of the outputs, although the blue-screen is blue. Likely an electronics issue. I got a full refund from eBay so the seller and I are happy, but now I have this faulty machine. Everything else works, plays fine, just in black & white.

If anyone is interested in collecting these US NTSC VCRs free for parts, please PM me! I'll stick them in my loft for the moment, and if I don't get any takers I'll chuck them when I next have a clear-out.

RobustReviews 09-10-2021 11:58 AM

Hi there,

Not sure if you'll see this, or if you'll still have them but I'd be happy to come up with something and buy you a drink for them.

Drop me a PM.


SeeNoEvil 09-10-2021 12:32 PM

Just replied to your PM, will be glad to have these go to someone who can do something with them, even if it's just cannibalizing them for spare parts.

SeeNoEvil 09-11-2021 05:53 AM

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Hi all, I got these two VCRs down from my loft after a month or two, and thought I'd have a last ditch play around with the JVC HR-S7900U, damaged by eBay's Global Shipping Program, to make sure it was definitely knackered. You can see they managed to drop it hard enough to smash the plastic cover on one side, and that was in a fairly decently enough box.

Plugged it into the power converter & TV, but still giving out a black & white picture. Cleaned the heads & such with a swab & isopropyl alcohol (99.9%), same result. Another VCR I have has a slightly loose SVideo connection which gives a B&W image if the cable is not plugged in right, but no loose connections on the HR-S7900U. Then I started poking around with it, figuring the worst I'll do is break it completely or electrocute myself. I found one of the silver boxes on the left side was loose leaning slightly to the left. When I pushed that back over, magically I got a colour picture again! I cut a little bit of wood to keep it just pushed over. I know I should properly disassemble it, and re-solder anything that's come loose, but I really don't want to push my luck. I'm keeping this one now.

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RobustReviews 09-11-2021 06:06 AM

Hello, yeah I'll take these :)


nicholasserra 09-15-2021 11:58 AM

Definitely save those, even for parts. Getting harder to come by.

Diopter_Doctor 10-08-2021 02:20 PM

Are these already gone?

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