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04-11-2022, 10:55 AM
av_123 av_123 is offline
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I have a JVC SR-VS30 (with remote) for sale. The is a DigitalFAQ recommended model with TBC/noise reduction/tape stabilization features. I used it to transfer about 40 tapes during the COVID lockdown. I bought it and had it professionally serviced in 2020, and while tape starts and rewinds are a little squawky, it works flawlessly. $399 (plus shipping; method of your choice).

I will throw in a Pinnacle 510-USB v2, which also works well.
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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04-16-2022, 09:17 PM
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Has the MiniDV player been tested at all?
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05-22-2022, 10:36 AM
awforsythe awforsythe is offline
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I'd love to purchase the SR-VS30 and 510-USBv2 from you, if they're still available for $400 (plus shipping to Birmingham, AL, to be paid by me). I've been archiving old tapes with a decent but TBC-less consumer VCR for a while, and it's about time for an upgrade. Please feel free to PM me!
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