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jbd5010 03-22-2011 10:08 PM

For FREE! Busted VCR's for Parts/Repair: AG-1970's and Mid-Grade JVC's [ENDED]
I have some failed repair attempts sitting in my closet. Nobody on eBay wants them (surprise surprise) and I'm not going to waste any more increments of 50 cents by listing them. Probably no one on here will want them either... but here's what I've got:

Three Panasonic AG-1970's

#1 When powered up, it acts as though a tape has been inserted and tries to load the tape, but fails of course since a tape has not actually been inserted. Verified that the light sensors are working correctly, so it's not that. Possibly a mechanical timing issue, but I can only find the 1980 K-Mechanism manual.

I'm also an idiot and busted off the flying erase head. The display is nice and bright, though.

#2 Dim display. Powers up, drum spins up, but then the unit powers down and does not respond to the power button. I think it's an eject or capstan motor issue?

#3 Powers up, then displays error message 0AE4. I don't have the service manual and my AG-1980 manual doesn't list this error code. Bright display, though.

I also have a few busted HR-S5901/5902U's, a HR-S4800U that powers up for a second and then turns off, flashes "auto" and won't respond to the power button. I think I managed to lose a spring when trying to get a tape out of it, too. I have a 5901U whose transport and everything seems fine, but it continuously tries to track the tape and never gets there. I'm thinking a bad cap, maybe I'll still try to fix this one...

Probably no one on this forum would want the 5901/2's or the 4800U's even if they were working, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Maybe someone needs AG-1970 parts.

If anyone recognizes the symptoms and wants to give me repair advice, you're also welcome to do that! ;)

PM me if any of this is of interest to you. Or email

jbd5010 05-03-2011 12:28 PM

UPDATE - I really just want to get rid of the AG-1970's. You can have them for the cost of UPS shipping - contact me with your zip code and I'll send you a quote. I can get "standard list rates" with my account, so shipping will be cheaper than what you can get from a UPS retail store. I'll add $3 to cover the cost of tape and stuff to pack it up.

kpmedia 05-16-2011 11:56 AM

1970 #1 may be a simple belt issue.

jbd5010 06-03-2011 03:28 PM

VCR's are gone -- taken to an electronics recycling center today.

I really needed the room in my apartment, it's a shame between this post and Craigslist "curb alerts" over the past two months that no one could make use of the parts.

kpmedia 06-04-2011 05:03 AM

Definitely a sad situation for those VCRs, but with the unusally low prices on good VCRs in April-May, I can see why broken VCRs -- even free! -- were overlooked in that time period. I had considered picking up a VCR or two from you, but decided the closets were already too full, and my time was best spent on other video and photo topics.

Don't let this ever discourage you from posting broken/damaged goods in the future. Next time may be different.

It's all about the models available and the timing. :)

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