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dyfan 11-11-2011 12:25 PM

For Sale: JVC DR-MV1S DVD/VHS Recorder combo deck [SOLD]
Available for sale is a JVC "combo deck" combining both a DVD and a VHS playback/recording drive/bay, model DR-MV1 (SU). JVC nomenclature assigns the letter "S" to indicate the case color (silverface) and the letter "U" to indicate built for intended marketing/use in the United States/North America, where electrical provisions are ~120 Volt, ~60 Hz and such rated equipment is commonplace.
Any members regular to this forum will likely recognize this brand model number and already know that it does utilize the desirable filtering/video compression chipset once produced by LSI. To quote this Site's Staff member, Lord Smurf:


Why use a DVD recorder with an LSI Logic chipset?
#1 - Removes chroma noise from analog sources
#2 - Suppresses grain from analog sources without blurring
#3 - Does not add digital artifacts like other chipsets
This unit, s/n 10971875, build date May 2004 has been repaired and refurbished by a JVC certified and qualified local (to me) dealer. (The short version- I bought it used and faulty, I had it fixed). There's no longer a worry of turning the unit on and being greeted with the word "LOADING" flashing, leaking capacitors, or other poor behavior; It's already been taken care of. This unit comes along with its correct remote control (RM-SDR013J) and the printed User's Manual. Here are two manufacturer links which provide all the published specs and capabilities of this combo deck, along with its stock photo:

Unit price is US$110.00, shipping is additional and dependent upon destination, packed weight is approximately 18 pounds, sent by Parcel Carrier of your choice. Total payment can be made by either or by way of a Money Order of any kind cut in US Dollars/drawn on a US Bank.
Feel free to PM me with questions regarding anything related. Thanks for looking...

lordsmurf 12-06-2011 05:48 PM

If this is still available, it's a good deal that some of our newer members should take advantage of. :)

dyfan 12-23-2011 06:35 PM

Above item has been sold. I still have an additional unit, identical in every way with the following exceptions:
  • Serial number is 129x0105
  • Build Date is July 2004
  • I bought this deck from a previous owner already refurbished by a JVC ('factory repair') facility
Printed User's Manual and correct remote included, weight/payment terms as above.
Again, thanks for looking...

robjv1 12-28-2011 12:49 AM

I forget -- is the DVD recorder side of this device identical to the JVC DR-M100S?

kpmedia 12-28-2011 03:25 AM

DR-MV5S = DR-M100S + VHS

But the LSI Logic encoding chipset is almost identical across the JVC models, both in specs and implementation.
(While several brands used LSI Logic chipsets, not all were well-used by the manufacturers. JVC was the best.)

All four units mentioned here make recordings that look virtually the same.

If you analyzed the MPEG compression with analysis tools, you'd find the latter MV5/M100 are "better". But it's by such a small amount to not really make much of a practical difference. I use the DR-M10 more than the DR-M100 these days, because the caps are in better condition in my particular units.


This is a good DVD recorder being sold by a good person. :)

lordsmurf 01-24-2012 06:42 PM


Originally Posted by kpmedia (Post 18618)
If you analyzed the MPEG compression with analysis tools, you'd find the latter MV5/M100 are "better". But it's by such a small amount to not really make much of a practical difference.

These two sentences should not be misunderstood by passersby to this thread or site. The MPEG encoding from the latter-generation LSI chipset (MV5/M100) is slightly more efficient than the LSI chipset found in the MV1/M10. But that won't make any difference when transferring VHS tapes. It's something that's so slight, that you'd need to be recording near-perfect sources, and then view it (visually) on a large TV, as well as view it (non-visually) in MPEG bitrate analysis tools. This the kind of geek comparison/benchmarking that most people don't need to worry about.

This is an excellent DVD recorder for converting VHS tapes. :cool:

Anybody wanting a high-quality DVD recorder would be a fool to pass this machine up. :2cents:

And it's from a reliable seller, not some shady random person on eBay.

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