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04-08-2012, 07:36 AM
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Hi i would like to know if any of the admin or any pro guys on here have their own shop or supply of brand new known working gear? For example does anyone here have known good AVT-8710 TBCs and have a supply thats sold to members here? I am going to need VCR's too at some point but i am really scared of buying used items from ebay. I use ebay heaps but when it comes to used electrical items, thats where i restrain myself and get worried. It just seems full of sharks selling used gear thats either stuffed and worn out from transfering 1000's of tapes or whatever and they will often know the true condition but just say 'plugs in and turns on' but in reality is probably worn out. They just hope some sucker like me comes along on ebay and buys it so they can offload their gear easily with little comeback.

Anyway my main requirement right now is knowing if any one on here runs a private shop or has a secret supply of gear only advertised or sold to members here or whatever, selling things like TBC's as i reckon i would feel more comfortable buying from a true professional video enthusiast than just buying from B&H or whatever who just wants your money. Just thought i would ask before i hand over the dollars to one of the numerous online sellers out there.
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04-10-2012, 02:40 PM
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Our spare hardware is sometimes listed on here. There's a stack of it growing on the couch in the studio right now, and I've just not had time to post it. There's some motherboards (+PSUs) paired with ATI AIW cards, TBCs, and a few other things. Everything works, otherwise I'd trash it instead of reselling it. Or in some cases, get it repaired before resale. This gear might all be posted within the next week or two, depending on scheduling.

There's a few members here that flip VCRs -- buy, repair, resell.

All of our SR-V10U's were recently serviced and tested, and I may let one of them go for the right price. It's in like-new condition, guaranteed to work.

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