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lordsmurf 06-20-2005 11:22 AM

Archer video equipment for sale [SOLD]
Alright, I have two devices I don't need.

This is a decent box for changing color. If you have tapes that are too green or too red, or something like that, this will fix it. It doesn't really have brightness/contrast controls. Just color augmentation. It works well for what it does. Want $20 plus shipping.

This is a detailer unit, best used on old tapes that are soft or have excess color bleeding. This will reduce a bit of the bleeding and sharpen the image slightly, closer to what it should be. It's really only good at the minimum setting (which still brings out a good bit of detail). Other settings just add noise to the video, over sharpen. Want $20 plus shipping.

These cost about $100 new, and I paid about $40 each for them a year ago. I used them for a month before upgrading to different equipment that was more advanced (and quite a bit more expensive).

These are not the best device you can buy, but they are very cheap, and they do work. Perfect for the person that wants to do better VHS transfers and does not or cannot afford the higher grade gear.

E-mail me if interested.

Shipping USPS flat rate priority, just FYI, within the USA, is about $8.50 or so, with delivery confirmation. This is a flat rate, so if you want both devices, it's still just $8.50.

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