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latreche34 12-20-2015 12:39 PM

Wanted: JVC HR-S7600AM VCR [FOUND]
Hi everyone first post here I came across this forum via a google search for JVC HR-S7600AM, I have a project to do, it's a mixed variety of VHS-C and S-VHS-C family tapes in all standards NTSC, PAL and SECAM, The only machine as far as I know that does all the above formats with a decent quality is the JVC HR-S7600AM, I'm planning to use it with my Edirol VMC-1 and adobe premiere, I could buy separate machines and sell them at the end of the project but I want a single machine that I can keep after the project ends, So if there is any one out there have the JVC HR-S7600AM and wants to sell it or know a source where I can get one please help, not operational is ok. Thank you

I live in the US but I visit Europe and north Africa occasionally.

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latreche34 01-26-2016 11:26 PM

Not anymore, Got one, Please close this thread.

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