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lordsmurf 12-13-2016 10:08 PM

For sale: DataVideo TBC-1000, excellent tested condition [SOLD]
My extra hardware is now almost gone. :eek:

The DataVideo TBC-1000 is one of the best TBCs for VHS conversion work. It was discontinued for DataVideo in the 2000s, and is not sold often. Months can go by, and you'll never see one on eBay (and when you do, it's untested and missing the power supply -- which is never good).

- I just finished testing this, and all s-video and composite connections work great.
- The power supply is included.
- And it has almost no cosmetic wear, just a few light scratches on the top. (As careful as I try to be with my video hardware, it can be really hard to avoid scratches to heavy VCRs and TBCs in metal cases.)

Finding one in this condition is not something you'll find often. :2cents:

I can add photos if needed.

CluelessCal 12-16-2016 02:34 PM

Hey there. I'm the clueless guy (still kinda clueless) who started this thread:

I'm assuming this would be a necessary piece of equipment in my "white whale" project of converting my old VHS tapes, correct? Keeping in mind that I did eventually acquire a JVC HR-S9600U, would you still recommend I pick up something like what you're selling here?

(If, so, then yes, I'm interested in it.)

Edit: Sorry for posting this here instead of exclusively through PM. I'm never sure if my messages ever go through successfully and I wanted me make sure this wasn't lost in the shuffle.

lordsmurf 01-21-2017 04:31 PM

I'm letting another one go. :idea:

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