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westernhero 12-08-2017 06:33 PM

FS: Kodak Slidesnap Pro Slide Scanner [SOLD]
We're closing our scanning division & selling our Slidesnap Pro. We're asking $2,100 USD as is. It's in good condition & comes with some accessories though Nikon MC-DC2 camera, lens & lens-hood are not included.

Crazy Fast : Up to 30 slides per minute (1,800 slides per hour).
Autonomous : batch operation for up to 140 slides.
Flexible : Capture up to Super 127 slide format
Precise : Discretely adjustable camera mount for perfect optical alignment.
LED backlit : Balanced even slide illumination with 10,000 hour life.
Future Proof : Universal DSLR compatibility
Robust : 100% solid state digital switching. Powder coated steel construction with stainless steel hardware.

Stock Loader Slide Tray
Batch Titling Slide
Camera Shutter Cable
Camera Alignment Kit

Learn more about it here:

Payment terms to be discussed. Please PM me.

Item(s) will ship from Canada via your preferred shipping method. The shipping weight for the SlideSnap Pro is 24 lbs, and Dimensions are 14 x 18 x 10 in.

I'm willing to ship pretty much anywhere in the world, but you'll have to calculate your own shipping cost based on the weights mentioned.

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